Distance Made Simple for Golf

Attention: Golfers

Are you sick and tired of looking for new equipment, tips, and lessons to hit the ball further and shoot lower scores?

Dear Fellow Golfer:

Golf is a great game that we all love to play, but it can sure be frustrating. With all of the new technologies and the way information spreads, it is now becoming confusing as well. Every year there are new clubs that are supposedly longer than the previous year. We could turn the TV on most nights of the week to see lessons on how to hit the ball further. There is also the option of taking private lessons with a golf professional.

If it is as easy as making a new purchase or watching someone give us advice, why aren’t we all out there hitting the ball 300 yards?

More Distance off the Club Made Simple

My name is Bobby Dattero Golf is a sport that I started playing when I was about 12 years old after my grandfather taught me how to hit a plastic ball in his front yard. I played golf for 4 years on my high school team. When I played then, I was nothing special in terms of talent but I could keep the ball in play and get around the course. One of my biggest issues was distance. If I crushed a drive, it probably went about 225 yards. Maybe stretch that to 250 downwind, downhill, and with the roll. This meant I was hitting a lot of 150 yard 5 woods the par 4’s which does not make the game easy.

I know what you are going through.

Fast forward 4 years from when I finished my undergrad work and somehow, someway I went my college career maybe playing 6 times. This isn’t what I would exactly call extensive practice. It was my first year of graduate school when I decided that I was going to get serious about playing golf again. The next time I hit the course, I didn’t hit a drive any less than 260 yards and I was hitting over greens because my distances were all off. By basically not playing for 4 years and not making any club or swing changes, I added 35 yards to my drive.   Wait, what?

The key detail that I left out was that I was way stronger than in high school. Spending 4 years studying strength and conditioning taught me how to train for strength and develop good programs without putting on size.

Distance Made Simple for Golf

My name is Bobby Dattero and I want to share the benefits of more distance and lower scores. I am a certified Titleist Performance Institute and Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach through the NSCA. Currently, I am a co-owner of Evolution Sports Performance in Easton, MA, and we have been producing results for athletes of all ages who want to improve their performance for sport for the last 8 years. And yes, golfers are athletes. We want to provide golfers with a simple training program that they can do on their own to improve their golf game.

Distance Made Simple for Golf is a 12 week strength training program designed to help you hit the ball further and shoot lower scores. 30 minutes a day, 3 days per week is all it will take to reap the benefits of more distance and saving strokes.

This is a unique opportunity because this program is specifically designed for the needs of golfers. There is no other product out there that can be tailored to your needs.

The Benefits of this Program include:

  • 1

    It will help you hit the ball further

    Strength, specifically in the lower body allows for power development. In order to hit the golf ball further we must have a more powerful swing. This will in turn increase club head speed which will give you more distance off of your shots.

    Imagine being able to hit the lower irons into every green soft and accurately.

  • 2

    It helps improve the swing

    Too many golfers lose distance and accuracy because they cannot turn their upper body into their backswing. There are also numerous swing faults that can occur due to a lack of rotation.

    Having strength in the right places allows for more mobility and flexibility where we need it. By getting stronger, golfers are able to get a better turn and stay stable throughout the swing. You can parlay this into a more repeatable and efficient swing.

  • 3

    It can help reduce back pain

    Injury is a big reason why golfers leave the game.

    Having a strong core and glutes is the best defense to back pain. By strengthening those muscle groups, stress will be taken away from the low back. You will also be putting the back at less risk if you can make the swing improvements in point 2.

Bonus Point because I know what you are thinking…

  • 4

    Strength training does not make you big, bulky, and unable to turn

    Golfers always fear losing their ability to swing the club by getting strong. Well, bodybuilding style programs could promote a lot of muscle gain without reinforcing mobility but you would have to take that approach. Some lifters can also have bad nutrition which will lead to struggles with flexibility due to excess body fat.

    Eat a good diet and be sure to train with a program designed for your goals to avoid issues with adding size. Strength training is not the enemy.

For only $50

You can be on your way to hitting the ball further and shooting lower scores on the course.

Here’s What You Will Receive:

  • 1

    A Self-Assessment of your Golf Posture

    You will take a look at what your spine angle is when you address the ball with a mid-iron stance. This will allow you to make the program more beneficial for your specific needs.

  • 2

    A choice of warm up based on you

    Depending on the results of your assessment you will choose the appropriate warm up for you. The two choices are geared towards bringing a more neutral posture to allow for a better swing.

  • 3

    Mobility and activation exercises to improve aspects of the swing

    Getting into better positions will allow you to create a safer and more efficient swing without changing it. A lot of golfer lack the ability to do the things that the experts recommend with their tips.

  • 4

    Two options for a program- Beginner and Intermediate

    This is based on your fitness level, not golf ability. This program will easily help you hit the ball 10, 20, 30, or more yards.

  • 5

    Links to exercise demonstrations

    All exercises will include a link to a demonstration of the exercise.

See What Other Golfers Have to Say About Us...

"I started training because I was new to the game and had a lingering back injury. I have been able to hit the ball further and steadily improve my game. I think the best part is that now I do not have to deal with much back pain anymore. I can swing freely which makes for more consistent shots."

- Amy, 20 Handicap

"I have always been a fairly strong person but it was all in my upper body. It was only until I started a full body program that I was really able to increase the distance on my shots. Having a stronger set of legs and core has definitely helped."

- Brian, 12 Handicap

"I was looking to become stronger and gain some core stability. I have been able to accomplish that and have since been able to really hit the ball far. The added distance off of the tee has been well worth it."

- Jimmy, 12 Handicap

"Being able to get to the green in fewer shots has made the game more enjoyable. I am very happy with how much stronger I have gotten from the program."

- Tom, 18 Handicap

Do Not Hesitate!

Buy now because you can only get this program at the special price of $50 until 6/19/16. After that the price goes up to $99!

We are so confident that if you commit to following this program you will get results. That is why we are offering a no questions asked 60 day money back guarantee.

Distance Made Simple for Golf is a digital product only. No physical materials will be shipped to you. Just click the link below to be on your way to a better golf game.

This is your chance to finally find the solution to hitting the ball further and lowering your scores. You can do this and we are here to help. No more buying expensive equipment or trying to learn a new swing. Follow this program and your problems will be solved.

P.S. Remember, this is a no-way-to-fail, PROVEN System that is 100% GUARANTEED to work for you. There is simply NO reason at all to continue to shoot high scores or lack distance with your shots. I promise there is a better way than buying a new driver or watching advice online. Give my system a shot.

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