What do Golfers Even Get From Stretching?

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I am not a fan of stretching. I think there are many other things that we can do to play better golf before I even think about stretching. Even then, the benefits are so minimal that I don’t think they are worth a golfer’s time or money. Personally, I have not really found any benefits […]

Pro Agility Tips and Tricks

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The pro agility is a good drill for both measuring and training for change of direction. It is included in the NFL combine and it is easy to implement. The rules are simple. Set up 3 cones, five yards apart, spanning 15 yards. Start on the middle cone. Run left or right to the first […]

Does Strength Cause Golfers to Get Hurt?

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I am confused after this weekend. Brooks Koepka just won the US Open. He did it by hitting the ball a mile, stuffing iron shots into pins, and putting incredibly when it mattered. It is really hard to beat those attributes when they are all working together. Its very impressive when you break it down. […]

Avoiding Summer Training Mistakes

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Every summer we see the same thing. Our athletes that give themselves a long time to get ready for the fall season always enter camp ready to go. No one has failed a conditioning test, with most athletes being in the best shape. Then there are those that wait too long… I know there will […]

Upper Body Mobility for Golf

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A lot of mobility for golf is centered around improving rotation. Many golfers will hammer away on their hips in the hopes of improving their swing. What is often forgotten about is the role of the upper body. The upper body plays a huge role in the ability to rotate in the golf swing. When […]

4 Basic Nutrition Tips for Athletes

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A lot of athletes struggle with nutrition. Some of the reasons for this can include lack of knowledge, inability to cook, not buying their own groceries, timing/options with school, etc. There are a lot of things that are working against athletes eating well. The problem is that good nutrition can be such a difference maker. […]