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What is the best way to accomplish your fitness goals?

A 1 on 1 program designed just for you with a personal trainer holds you accountable and is specific to your goals.

The drawback?

Personal Training is expensive, difficult to schedule, and hard to find good people in your area.

How does someone get the kind of program that one on one training produces despite the three issues listed above?

Online Coaching.

With online coaching you receive a customized program fit to your needs, and you are free to train where and when you want with it. You will also save a lot of money since you do not have to pay for time with a trainer.

After assessing your training history, I will design an individual program for you to follow. All exercises will be available in video format to help guide proper technique.

Online Coaching with Bobby is a good fit if you want to:

  • Get stronger, lose weight, or just feel better
  • Improve your sports performance
  • Regain the level you were at before an injury
  • Finally have a program to follow instead of hopping around to different ones

Online Exercise Program Design includes:

  1. An assessment of your training history, experience, and current level
  2. An all encompassing program designed for your goals
  3. 24 hour email access to me with any questions, concerns, etc. 
  4. Access to a database of exercise videos and demos

If you are ready to finally commit to reaching your fitness goals then this is a must for you. 

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