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Getting the Most Out of the Golf Offseason

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We have turned the clocks back and the weather is getting colder. I did get to play on Friday which was in the 70’s but this morning was a nice 29. Needless to say, the season is winding down. This is when planning the off season becomes important. What many golfers will do is wait […]

Stronger and More Stable Athletes

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Sometimes I will use strength and stability almost interchangeably. On one hand strength is stable. On the other, we can break this down a little bit further. I have seen a lot of young athletes that get up to some pretty good numbers with their lifts. I have also seen some not so strong athletes […]

Strength Doesn’t Make You Slow

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At Evolution, speed and agility training is a big part of what we do. It is what helps our athletes improve their performance tremendously. There are plenty of options for athletes in the area to go to train. There is not a single one that blends speed, agility, strength, and conditioning like we do. A […]

Better Upper Body Training for Golfers

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Golfers need a strong upper body to increase club head speed and gain distance. But upper body strength training can get really ugly, really quickly. We have two ends of the spectrum that we can mess with. One is the end where nothing actually gets done. Grown men should not be going dumbbell presses with […]

What Training Qualities Do You Need?

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Performance training for athletes can be designed to help the following qualities: speed strength quickness power mobility/flexibility rehab conditioning Well that right there is 7 qualities. Sometimes we only have 4-12 weeks to help an athlete get ready for their sport. That is not a lot of time to work on quite a few things. […]

When You Should Train Biceps and Triceps

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My stance on biceps and triceps has changed a little bit recently. A couple months ago I viewed hitting arms as accessory and not important. With most of the people I work with we are trying to help them perform better in their sport. In the time that I have to work with these athletes, […]

Golfers: Doing Stuff versus Training

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Golfers should be training like most other athletes. There really is no difference in the general idea that golfers need to be in shape to handle the demands of the sport. What is different is the needs of golfers. Golfers must be able to produce a ton of force in a short amount of time […]

3 Ideas that I Find Comical about the Fitness Industry

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First and foremost, the ideas that I am about to poke fun at are things that I used to do. All three myths are things that I used to strongly believe. The point of this post is not to simply just bash on general fitness things and be grumpy about it. I want to let […]

4 Methods to Improve Hip Mobility

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Squat depth has become such a buzzword lately that it is almost nauseating. Every four minutes there is a debate as to whether the squat depth in that YouTube/Instagram video was adequate or not. It is also a quality that almost gets over-cued to an annoyance. Just yelling things like “sit back” or “get lower” […]

Building Upper Body Strength for Women

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People want to be strong. Every day, I work with someone that is striving to lift more weight in order to build strength. Women are no different than men in this regard. In general, women tend to struggle with upper body strength. I used to go to a Work Out World until I started working […]