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Progressing the Plank for Golfers

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Golf season appears to be winding down here in MA. I think the biggest factor is football season. A lot of people try to make plans and do things for the game on Sundays. Never mind some of us psychos are very big on Saturdays too (Go Noles). I also encountered a 38 degree morning […]

Stronger and More Stable Athletes

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Sometimes I will use strength and stability almost interchangeably. On one hand strength is stable. On the other, we can break this down a little bit further. I have seen a lot of young athletes that get up to some pretty good numbers with their lifts. I have also seen some not so strong athletes […]

KB Pullovers for Better Golf

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I have spoken quite a bit about why I do not understand combining exercises. I am not really sure why this is so prevalent in the golf world but I still do not see the use. My big underlying argument against them is that you cannot put full effort into each movement if they are […]

There Are No Golf Exercises

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Over the winter we had a few baseball teams training with us. At one point we went into one of our rooms that has 9 TRX set up. I like using the TRX with youth athletes because it allows them to train for strength with their bodyweight. Its also hard to do exercises wrong with […]

Increasing Speed with Linear Bounds

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There is a lot to learn when it comes to increasing speed and quickness. We are lucky at Evolution to get to work with the amount of athletes we have. The more experience we get the better we can be at what we do. One thing in particular that a lot of athletes struggle with […]

Upper Body Mobility for Golf

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A lot of mobility for golf is centered around improving rotation. Many golfers will hammer away on their hips in the hopes of improving their swing. What is often forgotten about is the role of the upper body. The upper body plays a huge role in the ability to rotate in the golf swing. When […]

Reducing Reverse Spine for Golfers

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My golf game has come a long way in the five years that I have gotten back into playing. I started when I was 12 and played through high school. It was tough to play a lot growing up with limited options in Greater Boston. I actually don’t think I knew of anyone who had […]

Hamstring Flexibility is Overrated

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Tight hamstrings are one of the biggest plagues over young athletes. The problem: How much does it really matter? A lot of young athletes have trouble hitting a full hamstring stretch or touching their toes. The fix? Usually its hamstring stretches. Hamstring stretching will not help the following causes of hamstring tightness: Growth spurts Core […]

Random Observations on Spotting, Core Work, and Speed

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It has been a while since I have done a random thoughts post. I have a few things that I want to discuss but each one probably doesn’t warrant its own post. Most athletes would get stronger without spotters on the bench press Ok so I am just jumping right into this one. I know […]

Mixing Hip Rotation and Strength for Golf

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When it comes to fitness for golf I am always going to favor strength. Personally, it has helped my game in ways I never would have thought possible in high school. I will always remember the 4th hole at Unicorn Golf Course in Stoneham, MA. It used to play about 150 and I was deadly […]