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Substitutions for Athletes with Back Pain

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Athletes are always dealing with back pain. Sports are not inherently the most back friendly activities. A lot of people think that back pain is only a function of lifting weights. Back pain can occur from almost any activity. You could bend over to pick up a pencil right now and that could be enough. […]

How Golfers Can Train Around Back Pain

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Back pain is something that most people, let alone golfers, deal with all the time. Most recommendations are to do nothing. A lot of times this can be a good way to see if the issue is a real issue. I always joke that you should wait two weeks before calling your doctor because it […]

KB Pullovers for Better Golf

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I have spoken quite a bit about why I do not understand combining exercises. I am not really sure why this is so prevalent in the golf world but I still do not see the use. My big underlying argument against them is that you cannot put full effort into each movement if they are […]

Why Athletes Don’t Need Situps

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A common suggestion is that people should be doing push ups and sit ups on their own at home. I am all for people taking their fitness seriously and doing things outside of the gym. This recommendation is crap. A lot of athletes do not do push-ups well. Now they are probably going to do […]

Back Pain vs. Back Soreness

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Anytime deadlifts get introduced into a new athlete’s program or when someone starts to get good at them, there is a comment that inevitably comes up. “Deadlifts hurt my back so bad” The second this phrase is uttered deadlifts start to take on a negative connotation. Back pain is bad, deadlifts cause back pain, so […]

The 5 Best Core Exercises for Hockey Players

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The hockey off season is finally here for most high school players. The playoffs may have ended in mid March, but hockey doesn’t really stop until sometime in April. With the amount of club/select teams there is always some kind of extra tournaments for them to play in. Now that hockey players are starting to […]

Progressing the Side Plank for Core Stability

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When it comes to core training there are some people out there hopelessly grinding away on situps and crunches. I do not like these choices because they put the spine at risk but they also do not promote good patterns. When someone is lacking core stability, it can hold their performance back. This can be […]

Can Side Bends Ruin your Golf Swing?

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Training for golf is still a new topic but it will become more and more prevalent in the near future. The guys that are winning most of the golf tournaments- Rory McIlroy, Adam Scott, Jason Day, and Jordan Spieth- all work with strength coaches. I am not sure about Rory but the other 3 all […]

Improve your Core Training for Better Results

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Core training is one of those fun, fancy fitness words that people like to throw around. You tell people that you work on core strength and they couldn’t be happier. I am fairly certain that most people don’t actually know what core stability is but they think they need it. The best part about that […]