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The Problem with Sports Specific Training

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Not too long ago I had a father come in and ask about some training. He seemed excited and his heart was in the right place. The issue is that his son is 6 years old. We do not start training our kids until 8 years old. He noticed that his son ran kind of […]

Stronger and More Stable Athletes

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Sometimes I will use strength and stability almost interchangeably. On one hand strength is stable. On the other, we can break this down a little bit further. I have seen a lot of young athletes that get up to some pretty good numbers with their lifts. I have also seen some not so strong athletes […]

Why Athletes Don’t Need Situps

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A common suggestion is that people should be doing push ups and sit ups on their own at home. I am all for people taking their fitness seriously and doing things outside of the gym. This recommendation is crap. A lot of athletes do not do push-ups well. Now they are probably going to do […]

Reducing the Risk of Overuse

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Overuse injuries can be a real problem for athletes. It is hard when you cannot get on the field because of a nagging ailment. An overuse injury happens when the demands placed on a joint are too much for it to handle. Muscles, bones, tendons, and ligaments all provide support for the joints. Any of […]

Improving Power Training for Golf

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Power development is important for golfers. Distance is determined by club head speed. I don’t want to ignore the effect of certain qualities of the swing but that is not my place to comment on. The more club head speed you have, the further you will hit the ball. As we age, club head speed […]

How do You Perform When the Lights are On?

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I have a couple random thoughts from the last week. Doctors are no different than any other profession Just like any job you can have, someone is going to be good at their job and someone else isn’t. Doctors are not exempt from this rule. I absolutely respect the hell out of the process it […]

Strength Doesn’t Make You Slow

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At Evolution, speed and agility training is a big part of what we do. It is what helps our athletes improve their performance tremendously. There are plenty of options for athletes in the area to go to train. There is not a single one that blends speed, agility, strength, and conditioning like we do. A […]

Better Upper Body Training for Young Athletes

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Upper body strength is a huge need of young athletes but it is one of the hardest things to accomplish. I was having a conversation with a kid just today. He was away last week so its almost been 2 weeks since he last benched. I wanted to be more conservative with his weights because […]

Random Thoughts on Training for the Fall

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The college kids will be making their way back soon. We really only have about 3 weeks left of our summer schedule. At that point its back to the fall. The fall is such a weird time for training. One on hand it seems longer than it is. Then the holiday season comes. It is […]

What Training Qualities Do You Need?

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Performance training for athletes can be designed to help the following qualities: speed strength quickness power mobility/flexibility rehab conditioning Well that right there is 7 qualities. Sometimes we only have 4-12 weeks to help an athlete get ready for their sport. That is not a lot of time to work on quite a few things. […]