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Avoiding Summer Training Mistakes

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Every summer we see the same thing. Our athletes that give themselves a long time to get ready for the fall season always enter camp ready to go. No one has failed a conditioning test, with most athletes being in the best shape. Then there are those that wait too long… I know there will […]

4 Basic Nutrition Tips for Athletes

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A lot of athletes struggle with nutrition. Some of the reasons for this can include lack of knowledge, inability to cook, not buying their own groceries, timing/options with school, etc. There are a lot of things that are working against athletes eating well. The problem is that good nutrition can be such a difference maker. […]

Hamstring Flexibility is Overrated

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Tight hamstrings are one of the biggest plagues over young athletes. The problem: How much does it really matter? A lot of young athletes have trouble hitting a full hamstring stretch or touching their toes. The fix? Usually its hamstring stretches. Hamstring stretching will not help the following causes of hamstring tightness: Growth spurts Core […]

So You Want to Get Quicker…

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Improving quickness is one of the biggest reasons that athletes will seek out training. Quickness is a great thing because everyone notices it. Opponents, coaches, and scouts will always recognize and respect quickness. I also find quickness to be the biggest area of growth in most athletes. It has the most room for improvement. In […]

Is Lifting Weights Bad for Your Joints?

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A lot of people are apprehensive to lifting weights because of a fear or pain or injury. I think this is a dying idea. I definitely hope it is on its way out. It has been a long time since I have heard the ol’ “Isn’t squatting bad for your knees”? Injuries typically do not […]

4 Strength and Power Exercises for Better Quickness

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The importance of strength and power to training for quickness is often underrated. There is no speed or quickness without a strong, powerful motor. You cannot improve strength and, subsequently, power without resistance training. Resistance training is a big complement to speed and agility training. Athletes need to be able to balance both good technique […]

3 Ways to Use Sleds for Speed Training

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Every time we break out the sleds, the moans and groans are surely to follow. All of our athletes and adults have been through some kind of conditioning with the sleds. This can obviously be really hard. Some people find it to be fun but some people are also crazy. Weight sleds have a lot […]

The Role of Mobility in Preventing Injury

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Mobility is a really important part of the training process. It is something that a lot of athletes need. But just like any good thing, there is also a downside to mobility training. Sometimes, it gets prioritized so much that people forget to actually train. Athletes still need to be strong, quick, fast, and in […]

Why do we Assess Athletes?

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Today, I will be giving a guest lecture at Bridgewater State for students in a fitness testing/evaluation lab. I remember taking the class in college but I don’t remember a lot of what I learned. There was a lot of EKG, bike erg, and other tests that I have not seen since I graduated. Since […]

5 Tips for Avoiding a Hamstring Pull

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Hamstring pulls are one of the more annoying injuries an athlete can suffer. The pain might not be as bad as a collision based injury and the recovery isn’t as bad as an ACL but they are definitely more annoying. The difference with hamstring injuries is that they need time to heal. We have ways […]