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Should Young Athletes Condition?

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Conditioning is one of the most difficult topics to understand. A lot of people do not actually know what conditioning is or how to implement it. There is also a bit of uncertainty between conditioning and punishment. Sometimes the lines get really blurry. Usually when a team doesn’t play or practice well, the coach will […]

What’s the Rush?

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This weekend I was having a good conversation with a coach of Easton Youth Baseball. He has been coaching for a long time and really understands the sport. We were talking a little bit about overuse, field sizes, and development. I remember when I finished Little League and moved to the Babe Ruth League. We […]

Elements of a Sports Performance Program

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Sports performance is what we specialize in at Evolution Sports Performance in Easton. But what does that even mean? Sports performance is a type of fitness but fitness does not qualify as sports performance. This can get confusing for a lot of people to understand since most of their experience is with fitness. Generally, fitness […]

Why Get an Assessment?

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One of the biggest things to change in golf fitness, recently, is the use of movement screens and assessments. TPI is on the forefront of this and they do a really good job with their certifications. Assessments also seem to be one of the more debated topics in fitness. The FMS is one of those […]

5 Tips for Developing Explosiveness

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What is explosiveness? I guess it really depends on who you ask. Explosiveness doesn’t really mean anything in terms of sports performance but it does have a meaning to parents and coaches. Explosive athletes can have the following qualities Sprint fast Change direction quickly Throw hard Swing hard Shoot fast All of those things are […]

Training Strengths and Weaknesses

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This past summer we went to a conference as a staff. The first presenter that we went to was highly regarded in the field with a lot of experience training. His topic was about different types of training that a lot of people had not quite adopted yet. In his talk he mentioned that someone […]

Training for High Level Performance

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A lot of times when I talk about training it is to improve performance. It does and it is really important for playing well. Some athletes do not think that they need training because they are already good. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Everyone is also entitled to be wrong. I was speaking with […]

8 Ways to do Cardio

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Cardio is one of the most controversial words in fitness. Depending on who you talk to, the range goes from only cardio to none at all. Whatever side that someone is on is the side that they are going to relentlessly defend. The reason for this is that cardio is misunderstood. One of our athletes […]

Using Bands for Resistance Training

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I am writing this about 15 minutes after my roommate sent me some videos from the morning show on the Sports Hub. I admittedly didn’t catch the beginning of what he sent me so I did kind of miss the whole conversation. What I did catch was that they were talking about using resistance bands […]

The Problem with Sports Specific Training

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Not too long ago I had a father come in and ask about some training. He seemed excited and his heart was in the right place. The issue is that his son is 6 years old. We do not start training our kids until 8 years old. He noticed that his son ran kind of […]