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Progressing the Lunge for Golfers

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I have a prediction for the beginning of this golf season. Brooks Keopka’s fitness routine and training is going to be criticized in the near future.  He has had two last place finished in his last two starts and is dealing with a wrist injury that no one can allegedly figure out.  I wrote about […]

Proper Strength Development for Athletes

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Strength is one of the most interesting, yet frustrating, topics in terms of physical qualities. When things are good, strength is good. It gets blamed when things are not. We see this a lot in golf. When a player wins a big tournament their fitness usually receives credit but if they aren’t playing well or […]

Creating Clarity in Fitness

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One of our old interns was in the building today because he is on winter break. It is good to catch up with him because he is in the collegiate sector. The different perspective is always good to hear. Recently he did a certification that was very outside of the box. He was in the […]