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Golfers: What are you Missing?

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What separates athletes from where they are now and where they want to be is what they are missing. Field athletes might be lacking speed, quickness, or skills. When it comes to golf there are many categories that can drastically affect performance. They should really breakdown into the following. Club Fitting Swing Training Short Game […]

Pro Agility- Pros and Cons

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The pro agility drill is a staple in speed and agility training. It is popular, easy to incorporate, and it is one of the tests at the NFL combine. Without further delay lets get into the best parts and where it may fall flat. Pro: Easy to perform and repeatable To set up the pro […]

5 Exercises Golfers Should Do Everday

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Golf is one of the few games where you can create a competition against yourself each and every time you play. It is difficult to go out and try to play other sports by yourself. Tennis would be impossible, hockey is tough to get ice, and basketball would just be a shoot around. But golf […]

Weak Hamstrings Cause Problems

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Hamstring strength is one of the most important qualities that we are looking for in an athlete. Most of our kids have hamstrings that are significantly weaker than their quads. In most sports, the quads get all the work and the hamstrings are just there for the ride. Being able to close the gap on […]

Golf: Distance Matters

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Golfers that are not looking to hit the ball further are probably lying to themselves. Everyone secretly wants more distance. Only some openly admit it. Now I know the¬†thought process. Keep it in the fairway instead of losing a ball to shoot better scores. Well take it from someone who can lose a 6 iron […]

3 Ways to Improve your Speed and Agility Drills

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A lot of coaches can get stuck in repetition when it comes to speed and agility drills. Young coaches can also miss the mark slightly when teaching athletes these drills. Two attitudes start to surface when a coach uses speed and agility drills. More experienced coaches go with what they have always done. They use […]

4 Mobility Needs for Golf

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One of the biggest threats to the game of golf is injury. Golfers that can stay healthy will play more often and for longer. I really enjoy golf and I want it to thrive. The problem is that the golf swing has the potential to cause a lot of injury. There are a lot of […]

Avoid these Speed and Agility Mistakes

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Speed and agility training is simple but it is also misunderstood greatly. In sports, speed is the ability to run fast. Agility is the ability to change direction quickly. I recently saw a movement to make change of direction and agility become two distinct categories. I have absolutely no time for splitting hairs like that. […]