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Fitness Industry Madness- Squat Depth

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Alright so I saw something interesting last week and it has to do with squat depth. You can check out the post and link to subsequent article here.¬† Squat depth is arguably one of the most nauseating issues in the fitness industry. No one can get along and everyone has an opinion. Now we have […]

Should Golfers Squat and Deadlift?

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There is currently a revolution in the golf performance¬†world that has many layers to it. Now more than ever, someone can get the right equipment for their individual needs. Club fitting has really made a difference especially recently. Almost everything is adjustable now and we have a million options for type of club, shaft, and […]

The Top Exercises for Strong Hamstrings

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Athletes must have strong hamstrings. Weak hamstrings can create strains, pulls, knee issues, and poor performance. A lot of sports are quad dominant. They really only develop the front of the leg. This causes the strength ratio to be tipped towards the quads and not the hamstrings. The hamstrings do require some extra attention when […]

An Athlete’s Guide for Developing Quickness

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Athletes must be quick. Quickness is really rapidly changing direction. It involves accelerating, decelerating, reacting, and moving in multiple directions. Being quick is very beneficial because it allows the athlete to create space with a defender. It also allows the athlete to play solid defense and stay with an opposing player. This is important in […]

How Undersized Athletes Can Get Ahead

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One of the unfortunate part about being in Massachusetts is that there are not a lot of huge athletes. I do not think I have every seen someone 7 ft tall nor have I met someone who would be classified as an NFL type body. I know those two attributes are not everything but the […]

The 5 Best Core Exercises for Hockey Players

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The hockey off season is finally here for most high school players. The playoffs may have ended in mid March, but hockey doesn’t really stop until sometime in April. With the amount of club/select teams there is always some kind of extra tournaments for them to play in. Now that hockey players are starting to […]

Progressing the Side Plank for Core Stability

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When it comes to core training there are some people out there hopelessly grinding away on situps and crunches. I do not like these choices because they put the spine at risk but they also do not promote good patterns. When someone is lacking core stability, it can hold their performance back. This can be […]

Is This the Most Challenging Lower Body Exercise?

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When it comes to lower body training we have a ton of options to choose from. We could go with many of the barbell movements like deadlifts, squats, RDL’s and weighted glute bridges. We also have almost unlimited possibilities of single leg work like lunges, step ups, single leg RDL’s and split squats. Now each […]