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Increase Lower Body Strength with these Hamstring Exercises

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Most athletes have poor hamstring strength. They get so used to running and doing everything in front of them that the hamstrings get left behind. Hamstring strength is really important for a number of reasons. The hamstrings help provide support for the knee. They are the muscles on the back of the leg and if […]

Can we Prevent Common Soccer Injuries?

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The high school soccer season is pretty much over for most teams that didn’t make it deep into the playoffs. What I am quickly learning is that soccer literally never ends and most of these athletes have already started practicing with the next team. The unfortunate part is that a lot of athletes get hurt […]

More Distance for Golf with Stronger Glutes

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I wish I could say that golf season was still in full swing. Low temperatures and frost have pretty much put that to bed. Most people can still get out there but it is getting increasingly harder. The good news is that now we can start to train for the offseason. A lot of people […]

Improved Agility with these 3 Exercises

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Athletes are not quick anymore. In an age where training is so advanced that high level athletes are doing things never even though of before, we still have young athletes that are missing the boat. Their parents and coaches seem to notice where they need to improve but are just not sure how to do […]

In Defense of the Agility Ladder

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Recently, there have been a lot of videos on Instagram showing off athletes going through agility ladder drills. I am not going to pretend that is not impressive. There is a lot of coordination and quick feet at play there. On the flip side of this, many strength and conditioning coaches are coming out and […]

Does Being Out of Shape affect Injury Rate?

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How is it already November? It feels like August was 2 weeks ago. Once November comes we start to get a lot of athletes coming back in to train. The regular seasons in soccer are over and it is tournament time. After that we expect to see a lot of returners back in the fold. […]