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Improve Core Strength with Slideboard Training

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One of the most effective ways to train the core muscles is to challenge them with some kind of instability. When we are training for stability we want as many muscles to fire as possible, together. When there is no stable platform, as many muscles will work in unison to find it. This co-contraction will […]

Groin Strength for Hockey Players

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Straining a muscle can occur if the muscle (group) is weak or if it is overused. The groin is a common site of muscle pulls, strains, and tears in hockey players. We do see groin pulls in other sports as well. Potential causes of groin pulls are not the actual event that causes the tear, […]

A Better Backswing for Golf

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I am not sure that there is a sport that is more frustrating than golf. This is probably because you are always playing against yourself and you seemingly “control” everything. My own frustrations really came to light in the last 3 weeks because I was playing with no sort of consistency. I was playing consecutive […]

Getting Stronger with Frontal Plane Movements

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Athletes should be exposed to as many different types of movements as possible. Most often, athletes are great at going in a straight line, forward. This is what they are used to. It makes sense, too. Our eyes see what is in front of us and it is easier to get in front of something […]

Skate Faster with Better Core Control

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In the search for faster skating, hockey players will seemingly do whatever it takes. There are an endless number of camps, sessions, and teams that kids can play on/attend all designed to create better hockey players. More often than not, these are great. Kids learn fundamental skills of the game, it might help a little […]

A Leading Cause for Back Pain in Golf

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Playing golf without my back exploding is something that I deal with constantly. About 2 years ago, right about the time that I started getting into the golf season, I was unracking the bar for a squat and felt a shooting pain go from my back to my hamstring. I gave it about 4 days […]

Can you have too much Strength?

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Strength is really the foundation of sport. I know some would argue that mobility provides the foundation. I believe that mobility provides the foundation for training. Someone must be mobile to add strength and prevent injury. Someone who does not move well should not be loading up exercises. The only issue I have with that […]

5 Hip Openers for Hockey Players

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Hockey players are often movement nightmares. The ones that do not take care of themselves can easily display the mobility of the tin man. I think that now, the athletes are making a shift toward actually caring a little bit about how they move. It’s almost as though they are fed up with being tight […]

Progressing Single Leg Exercises for Strength

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Getting strong in the lower body can be done with squats and deadlifts. These two exercises are insanely effective, but they are not the entire equation. I am absolutely not going to dismiss squats and deadlifts because they are both important parts of my programs. I also have no problem ditching these exercises when they […]

3 Needs for Good Change of Direction

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When athletes start training with us, we will see some dramatic improvements in agility. In a short period of time we have seen some kids drop almost 0.5 seconds on a pro agility drill or Nebraska drill. Agility is the ability to change direction and we like it to be quick. This is typical of […]