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3 Tips for Better Squats

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Everyone is doing squats again. They have become a part of most programs and that is a very good thing. Maybe it is the Crossfit influence but people are actually lifting weights and that is a good sign. It seems like less people are worried about running in their “fat burning zone” and replacing it […]

Young Athletes that Aren’t Flexible

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Last week we held a youth speed clinic at Evolution since it was April Vacation. This was a good opportunity for athletes ages 8-12 to learn some basic speed technique and movements. Overall, it was a tremendous success and we were very happy with the turnout. When it was over, I was talking to one […]

My 9 Favorite Core Exercises

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This post is different than other list type posts. The reason? I am going with a list of 9 exercises, not 10. This is going to revolutionize lists just like 7 minute abs rocked the industry. Everyone does lists of 10, but not this one. Back on topic, core exercises often get everyone all hot […]

Young Hockey Players Need Off-Ice Training

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People will always question how important off-ice training is for kids as young as 8 years old. Do they really need it? Aren’t they a little young for it? It is essential that young hockey players train off of the ice. The most important quality for young hockey players is to be as athletic as […]

Should Rotational Athletes Prioritize Training Rotation?

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Golf, hockey, tennis, baseball, and softball are just a few of the many rotational sports out there. The most important quality to train for these sports is very rarely rotation. Let’s put it this way. Power is developed by displaying strength quickly. What is faster than swinging out of your shoes to hit a fastball? […]

Annoying Backs that are Always Stiff and Tight

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Back pain is an everyday topic for most people. For some, it does in and out. For others, it is something that they are left to deal with. What I have noticed is all too common is the non specific, stiffness in the back. This pain is not due to an acute injury but more […]

There is No One, Acceptable Squat Depth

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Squat depth is a highly debatable topic. Everyone seems to have an overly strong opinion on squats and how low that they should go. I believe that this is because trainers/coaches are pushing their own agendas on clients to prove some kind of point. I also think that everyone just needs to take it easy […]

Hockey Players and Unstable Surfaces

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Unstable surface training is less prevalent now in general fitness than it was a few years back. It was very difficult before to go into a gym and not see someone squatting (or god forbid jumping) on a BOSU ball. General fitness trainers and clients were taking a rehab tool and abusing its use. This […]

10 Reasons why Golfers must Train

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I played golf for my high school team. Back then if I hit a drive straight it went about 250. I was 17 years old and was getting outdrove by any and every one. I was still able to perform fairly well in matches because I was not hitting the ball in the woods. Anytime […]

You Don’t Need Low Back Exercises

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I am not a fan of targeted low back exercises. With the amount of low back pain in pretty much everyone at this point I do not see the value in such exercises. Some powerlifters swear by training the low back, but this is not a type of athlete that I work with. What I […]