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Injury Prevention for the Ankle and Knee

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Today‚Äôs athletes have pretty much become full time in one sport, while moonlighting in another. The thought used to be that there were 3 different sport seasons and 1 would be played each season. That idea is long gone and dismantled. Soccer players play in the fall and spring, with indoor in the winter and […]

Ditch the Treadmill- Athlete Edition

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Athletes are a lot of fun to work with and I really enjoy training them. Unfortunately, they are fed a ton of bad information and do not know what to ignore or listen to. Most of the time this info comes from their coach, who may be awesome at what he or she does, but […]

Assessing Movement for Hockey Skating

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Hockey is a sport that requires a special skillset to be successful. Just like any sport there are certain movements that hockey players must possess during normal gameplay. In order to skate well, hockey players must get into a good position. This position consists of a deep knee bend, hips back, and chest up. When […]

A Real Life Example of Over Conditioning

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Athletes, in practice or training, have lost the knowledge of what is conditioning versus speed. A lot of these young kids are playing sports year round (hopefully multiple) and this means a lot of practice. Sport practices usually include some kind of poorly placed suicide or something along those lines. Coaches who want their team […]

Increasing Hip Mobility for Hockey Goalies

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Playing goalie in hockey brings about some unique demands that other athletes do not experience. The hips are an area that can really make or break performance as well. Part of being a goalie requires the butterfly position, regardless of if it is their main position or not. At some point a goalie is going […]

Golfers: Lifting Weights Will Not Ruin Your Swing

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  Golfers have become fitter than ever in recent years. Even though he is going through some health issues now, Tiger Woods was at the forefront of this movement. He made it OK for golfers to train to improve their golf game. Now there are many specialists in the field and organizations, like TPI, making […]

Ditch the Treadmill- Part 2

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Last week, we talked about what aerobic training is, who it is for, and introduced the misguided notions about it in part 1 of this series. Today, I am going to focus on fat loss and why the treadmill is not my favorite tool for such goals. Anytime you add a new training stimulus, the […]

Ankle Mobility and Hockey Performance

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Ankle mobility is important for athletic performance. It is required in almost every sport and most athletes lack it. An ankle that does not have great mobility is subject to rolling, twisting, spraining, and whatever else it can do. What is our solution for this problem? Braces and tape which lock the ankle into place […]

Ditch the Treadmill- Part 1

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The United States has a strong favoritism towards the treadmill. Gyms are loaded with them and many people have expensive clothes racks in their home due to this. Other countries do not share this same preference and it is a result of the research that used to dominate. In the field of strength and conditioning, […]

3 Steps to Improving Mobility

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Never before has mobility been such a hot topic in the fitness industry. Since there is much more exposure to squats and deadlifts hip mobility has become a big one. Training for sports has also seen an increase in the need for mobile joints. Lately, golf has been on the forefront of a shift into […]