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3 Tips for Increasing Speed

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Just about every athlete and their parents want them or their kid to get faster. It is a good strategy because athletes that are faster have an advantage over their opponents. We cannot ignore skills and decision making, among other intangible qualities, but speed is a huge help. I don’t think I will ever hear […]

Mastering the Basics

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Our society is an interesting one. We are always looking to become elite, advanced, or at least earn a cupcake. This can be a great strategy in the right context. If we are willing to hustle to get a better job, then it could mean more money, time off, or work to be proud of. […]

Is it OK to Sacrifice Exercise Technique?

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This post was influenced by a question I received the other day. The summary of the question was: should technique suffer in the name of building strength. This is a very complicated answer and my response was directed toward a specific scenario of the person. Nevertheless I feel that this is something that boggles the […]

Off Ice Training Benefits On Ice Performance

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Being a strength coach is not always the easiest job in the world. We are not saving lives with the work we do, but we are usually trying to change public opinion. Fitness is an area where anyone who has ever stepped foot in a gym feels as though they are an expert on training. […]

The Role of the Upper Body in Sprinting

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Sprinting technique is something that can help athletes run a lot faster. Most athletes than have not undergone formal training in the matter are robbing themselves of their sprinting performance. The craziest part of all of this: a lot of these athletes are blazing fast despite technique flaws and physical limitations. Giving them the tools […]

4 Methods to Improve Hip Mobility

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Squat depth has become such a buzzword lately that it is almost nauseating. Every four minutes there is a debate as to whether the squat depth in that YouTube/Instagram video was adequate or not. It is also a quality that almost gets over-cued to an annoyance. Just yelling things like “sit back” or “get lower” […]

A Back Squat Progression to Master the Movement

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The back squat is a staple in most strength and conditioning arenas. It might not be good for every population but tons of people are performing them. One of the biggest topics that comes with the discussion of the back squat is form. I am not going to let people perform terrible back squats but […]

Reducing Tight Hamstrings without Stretching for Hockey Players

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So last night I got some good news. I had my first article submission for published. If you could all give it a look and even share it with a friend or two it would be much appreciated. Reducing Tight Hamstrings without Stretching for Hockey Players Hockey players typically have terrible range of motion […]

Observations from Training Young Athletes

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At Evolution Sports Performance, we train athletes as young as 8 years old. I have even worked with a couple of 7 year olds. I have seen some young athletes despite a short time in in this field. I have also been lucky enough to see athletes progress from the youth age to now being […]

The Secret to Explosive Running

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I am writing to you on a bitterly cold Massachusetts morning where the thermometer is reading a solid -2. Today will be a short and sweet post as I get ready to head to work from my draft apartment. Lately, we have been extremely lucky to be working with the athletes that we do. Many […]