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Brace your Core, Breathe, and Move

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There are many people out there that have worked out on their own for a long time and have a common perception of what ab work is.  Typically, it consists of every variation of the crunch known to man. When they learn or see a new exercise it is just another variation.  This is a […]

Easing Hockey Players Back into Running

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I am a firm believer that hockey players need to become more athletic off the ice to help their progress on the ice. If you were to take two hockey players with the exact same skill set, I would want the one that is the better overall athlete. They will have a better foundation to […]

Kettlebell Swing Challenges

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I am a big fan of kettlebell swings. I think they provide a lot of benefits to the person doing them and I also like to perform them myself. There are a lot of times where I may not be in the mood to do heavy squats but I am always down for some kettlebell […]