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Does using a Hex Bar Count as a Real Deadlift?

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I love training everyone on how to deadlift the right way. Developing a great deadlift will be great for athletes and general fitness goers alike for a number of reasons. First of all deadlifts train the glutes and hamstrings, two muscles that are weak or nonexistent in most populations.   Take a look around at […]

Should Everyone Squat?

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Squatting is one of the best ways to develop lower body strength. It is also one of the better methods to be the envy of everyone around you with how badass you are for squatting. That being said squatting is a movement pattern that has been lost by many people through both inactivity and over-activity. […]

Lifting after a Day of Sitting

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A lot of people enjoy lifting later in the day, after work. Evening time lifting can be a great time for people that like it because they are awake and have usually eaten at least half of their daily calories by then. In the same way that bed rests works, getting a lift in after […]