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Fitness Industry Updates

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It seems like every day that I am hating on the field I have chosen to take a career in. There is a ton to love about the fitness industry. I love working with the people I work with, getting people the results they want, and constantly learning to perfect my craft. Just as often […]

You Need Strong Legs

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Legs get such a bad rap when it comes to training. Maybe it is because you cannot bench with your legs, but this half of the body gets ignored all too often. Instead people spend days doing arms, shoulders, and benching with corresponding flys. Exercises like squats, deadlifts, and all variations of the two have […]

It’s All about What You Take Away

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Fitness and nutrition are two topics that people are obsessed with adding. When looking at making changes to their routine, no one really looks to removing or substituting anything. Usually, most people want to add to what they’re doing. If cardio six days a week is not getting the job done, adding weight training to […]

Set Yourself Up for the Long Run

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Where do you want to be physically in 5,15,30 years? This is a topic that many people do not really think about when it comes to diet and exercise. Most people want to do the “get abzz yesterday program, guaranteed.” So instead of training with long term progress in mind we instead go to the […]

There is No Finish Line in Fitness

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It is always great to have fitness goals. A fitness goal is never the end of the story, though. Losing 25 pounds can be a life changing accomplishment that someone can be proud of. Once that goal is reached, it is not time to go back into the old habits that gained the weight in […]

Deadlifts and Back Pain

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Deadlifts are pretty much the best exercise ever. I actually think that exercise physiology books write that. …or at least they should. I love performing deadlifts, prescribing deadlifts, and working on deadlift supremacy with clients. That being said I often hear something regarding deadlifts and back pain. Sometimes it’s someone who believes that deadlifts will […]

Improve Your Chinups

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Upper body strength is typically tested through the bench press or by max pushups. Now a max pushup effort does not even test strength, so why does the bench press get all the glory? Most likely it is because pull-ups and chin-ups are too hard. You can find lots of people that can bench their […]

Loosen Up the Hips for a Better Golf Swing

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One of the biggest factors to hitting the golf ball well pertains to rotation of the hips. On the backswing, the hips must rotate back. The hips must then come back and through on the downswing/follow through to hit the ball straight. Getting the hips moving can also add plenty of distance to the ball. […]

3 Circuits to Take the Place of Running

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Running is one of the most accessible forms of exercise. It is easy to just step outside and go for a run. Gym memberships that provide treadmills can be as low as $10 a month. Despite those reasons, I have never seen anything with such a division of opinions. There are some people that love […]

The Muscles You Cannot Ignore

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Training at the gym can get redundant for those that do not have any real goal besides staying in shape. There is nothing wrong with that being a goal and not everyone is sitting at home wishing they could squat 500 pounds. Sometimes maintaining or building strength is good enough for some. It might not […]