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Exercise Technique- Barbell Rollout

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Do you remember ab wheels? Years ago everyone had them and now they are probably collecting dust somewhere. It turns out that those were not such a bad piece of equipment after all. They are challenging but also work some key components of the core. Now I do not believe that the actual piece of […]

6 Alternatives to Situps

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I am not a fan of situps. I know that there are better exercises to get better results than the common situp. The reason situps are so popular is probably to 2 reasons. 1 is that they are convenient and do not require equipment. I believe the second reason is that, to this point, good […]

The Best Exercises for Extension Based Back Pain

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Posture can be a funny thing. When most people talk about posture, they are referring to the slumped over appearance. Posture can cause back pain in the opposite fashion as well. The opposite of flexion based pain is extension based pain. A neutral spine is technically extended to begin with. Extension based pain often involves […]