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Determine your Squat Depth and Width

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Successful squatting starts with a good setup. Getting into a good starting position allows for the other pieces to do their job. It is hard to build a house with a poor foundation and it is also difficult to squat real weight with a sloppy base. Unfortunately, there is no one size fits all approach […]

Moving Well is Necessary for Progress

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The fitness industry today seems to be stuck in a few extremes. Everyone wants to strictly belong to “x” type of training, dismissing other forms. It also seems as though everyone is looking for a beat down every time they train. If no one is passed out on the ground, the workout was not hard […]

5 Ways to Eat More Vegetables

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Nutrition is more than just a way to lose weight. Eating well also boosts performance. Those that think they can just eat like crap because they have been skinny their whole life will have to deal with lack of production at work, in the gym, or in other aspects of life. These people are robbing […]

Are Tight Hamstrings a Real Concern?

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Hamstring flexibility is something that most people believe that they need tons of. There is a perception that the inability to be as flexible as a dancer or gymnast is a bad thing. I always thought that this was a weird topic because I was never sure what a lot of flexibility did for people. […]

What is going on in the Fitness Industry?

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It might have been before my time but I want to imagine that the fitness industry used to be simple. If you wanted to get strong you lifted weights. If you wanted to improve your cardio, you did some running or biking. Then as we “progressed,” more and more information came out that just confuses […]

Owning the 165

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No one likes to do homework. From 1st grade through the completion of my Master’s, I went to school for 20 straight years. There was a lot of homework along the way. It was necessary for success. When it comes to getting great results from training you must do your homework as well. A lot […]

Random Tips and Tricks for Training

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This weekend was one full of information and subsequently getting my mind blown. Myself, and 2 other coaches from Evolution, went to Providence for a weekend seminar by Perform Better. This was the second event from them I have gone to this year and both times I have left trying to collect my thoughts. The […]

Hamstring Pulls: Why and How to Prevent them

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At work, we have been getting a lot of athletes back into training since summer is approaching. This is awesome because a lot of the kids are in college and it has been 9-10 months since we have seen a lot of them. The same goes for high school athletes that have played a spring […]

3 Steps to Better Core Training

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It is quite interesting how information spreads around the fitness industry. On one end it would seem like all topics would spread like wildfire, and a lot do. Just from observations, I would say that the information that becomes most popular involves things that are cool, flashy, and hardcore. Unfortunately, cool does not mean good. […]

Chicken Sausage Recipe and Fat Loss Workouts

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Eating better does not have to mean plain chicken breast and broccoli. If you are cutting weight for an event and we are talking about dropping from 5% body fat to 4.75%, then you might have to eat bland. For normal people that just need to clean up their diets from junk food, it does […]