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Exercise Technique- Bent Over Row

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Rows are a great exercise for developing the upper back muscles. Most people would benefit from performing more rows. Pressing, like bench and shoulder, get all of the attention in most settings. For those with beat up shoulders, there is usually an imbalance from pressing versus pulling. Pulling might not work on the muscles on […]

Preventing Back Injury with the Golf Swing

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I am not a swing coach. This post is not intended to work on swing mechanics. What I do understand is the spine and how to protect it from injury. It does not hurt that I am a golfer and have the basic understanding of the swing. From general observations and incidence of back injury, […]

A Spice Blend, Weight Plate Torture, and Extension Intolerance

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1.      Plain foods taste bad. There really is no need to eat plain chicken and vegetables all of the time. It seems like there is a notion that eating healthy needs to taste like cardboard. It does not have to be. I utilize a lot of spices in order to make my foods taste good. […]

Should Hockey Players Test the Vertical Jump?

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The most famous bout of athlete testing occurs every February at the NFL combine. This has become a huge money-maker for the NFL and people genuinely get jacked up for the event. What these people are watching is a yearly display of freak athleticism. The only other event that trumps this is the Olympics as […]

When Will I See Results?

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How long should a program take to see results? People are always looking for immediate answers and simple solutions to their fitness related goals. They want to lose X amount of pounds or deadlift 500 yesterday. Now obviously after one session in the gym miracles do not happen, but still the questions come. When will […]

All about Herniated Disks and Henrik Zetterberg

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Henrik Zetterberg will miss the rest of the Olympics with a herniated disk in his back. This is an injury that he has been dealing with this whole season. My initial thought is how in the world did he play at all with a herniated disk? I know that all injuries are not the same […]

Considerations for the End of the Hockey Season

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February vacation is right around the corner. What that means for most is that life goes on because anyone that is not a teacher or a K-12 student still goes to work. This also marks an important time for the winter sport season as well. It often means the end of the regular season. When […]

Fat Does Not Make You Fat

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Our vocabulary has a word that means two different, yet related things. Fat On one hand it describes a negative appearance due to being overweight or obesity. Conversely it is also a component of food. So naturally one leads to the other, right? Nope. It may not make sense to most people but someone really […]

How to Actually Get Strong

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If I had to break down the majority of people’ fitness goals it would be to look better or get stronger. There are other goals out there but most gym goers would be satisfied with achieving at least one of these. I am going to focus on those that want to build strength whether it […]