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Take Home Exercises

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Not everyone has or wants a gym membership. Some people are just interested in doing what they can at home. The two most common exercises for at home workouts are pushups and situps. These are two that most people are comfortable and familiar with. We have had to do them in gym classes and on […]

Are You Willing to Change?

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It is the holiday season and if people are not feeling guilty yet about what they are eating, it will only take another month or so. This is also the same time where everyone makes the clichéd New Year’s Resolutions to get back in shape, etc. The success rates of this idea are terribly low. […]

Easier Pushup Variations

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Last week I wrote a post about making pushups harder. That post was not appropriate for most people, so today I am going to bring you a post about making them easier. Being able to move one’s body weight is no easy task. The upper body muscles are much smaller than the lower body muscles […]