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Refining a Fitness Based Resolution

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We are just a few days from the New Year and the fitness kicks will all be starting within the next week. These resolutions get such a bad rap because of the low success rate. By March, these resolutions will just be another statistic in categories of lost resolutions and gyms taking advantage of the […]

Your Guide to Surviving the Holidays

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Its that time of the year again. The week of indulgence from Christmas to New Year’s. Right after January 1st is when people typically make their resolutions to eat better and go to the gym. Just because the New Year is a time for a fresh start does not mean that you can’t get a […]

In Season Training for Hockey Players

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The winter season is now in full swing for high schools, not to mention other levels which have been playing for a few months now.  This is about the time when the players rejoice because the horrendous shotgun of pre-season conditioning is over. Nothing is worse than the weeks leading up to the first game […]

Improving Posture to Reduce Back Pain

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With the prevalence of back injuries, I feel as though any program should work on strengthening the back in some capacity. There are specific injuries that affect people of all ages. Spondylolysis is more common in younger kids, disc herniations and ruptures often occur in the 20’s or 30’s, and degenerative discs mostly affect older […]

Improve Your Golf Game: Core Stability

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There are a lot of factors that go into the game of golf. All of the nuances involved in the swing alone is enough to drive someone crazy. So for the people that cannot seem to get their swing under control, I ask is there something we are missing. I believe the missing link to […]

You Do Not Need to Feel Your Workout the Next Day

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Soreness is a phenomenon that most associate a good workout to. It makes them feel as though they did something, but should it be a real indicator of whether the workout worked or not? Not necessarily. There are a lot of factors that go into making people sore. Some are controllable and some are not. […]

Detraining- A Loss of Training Gains

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Not everyone trains year round. It is the optimal way to train, but it is not always feasible for everyone. The general fitness population may not have to train in phases, but those that are preparing for sport do. This can be a single event, tournament, or a sport season. The point is when you […]

Are Your Exercises in Order?

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I think that every program someone does should be written down. This will help with adherence to the program and tracking progress over time. I know from experience that my least productive days were the ones without a plan. I have seen many people at the gym just bounce around to different exercises doing a […]

Improve your Golf Game: Get Stronger

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It’s still winter in Massachusetts and the golf courses are going to be covered in snow soon, which means no golf for a while. This doesn’t mean that you cannot work to improve your game, however.  Being a little over 4 months (give or take) until what I consider golf season, now is the time […]

Nutritional Misinformation

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Bad information drives me crazy. It is not surprise to me that fitness and nutrition are pretty much gray lines of confusion with all of the information that is available. When it comes to nutrition, I like to believe that I know more than the average person. I do not say this to make myself […]