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Are You Ready for the Olympic Lifts?

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My exercise science program in college was centered on Olympic Weightlifting. One of the professors is a very successful coach, judge, and competitor. I also have not seen anyone else that has as much respect from the students and faculty as she does.  I like to think that I have learned from the best because […]

Stop Ruining the Box Jump

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I am going with a short rant today. It pertains to box jumps. A box jump is a plyometric exercise that is often used to develop lower body power. They have many variations and are easy to implement. This exercise is a mostly vertical jump with a landing on a solid surface. Different box heights […]

Get Stronger Using Different Postures

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Every once in a while the same exercises are not getting the job done in the gym. Gains become harder to make, progress is harder to reach, and enjoyment/excitement becomes lower. This can happen when choosing exercises to perform because the same ones tend to come up. There are some that you love to do […]

Exercise Technique- The Bench Press

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Alright it is Monday. You pull up to the parking lot of your gym and it seems busier than the middle of last week. People are feeling inspired to get the week started off well. During your warm up you take a look around. Not an empty bench press in sight. It is chest day. […]

Choosing Foods to Avoid

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When it comes to nutrition, I like to keep it simple. I usually recommend eating as much real food as possible. Avoiding processed and refined foods are really the key to nutritional success. I realize now that those two words, especially processed, are difficult to define. They are right up there with the term clean […]

Do You Lift Heavy?

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I have had many learning experiences throughout my training career. One of the most eye opening moments I had lifting was learning what heavy actually meant. I had 200+ pounds on the bar and it was the first time I had ever used such a weight (I understand that this is not that heavy in […]

3 Simple Tools for Training with Injuries

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I used to think that as a personal trainer/strength coach that I was working with healthy athletes and adults. I am not a physical therapist or athletic trainer, so I get all of the uninjured people. I could not have been more wrong. I also must say it is also one of the areas that […]

4 Methods to Save the Spine

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It is estimated that 80% of people experience low back pain at some point in their life. That number is borderline grotesque. I have also contributed to it. A few months ago I had an undiagnosed back injury and it was awful. I could not swing a golf club, hold a bar on my back, […]

How to Properly Celebrate Leif Erikson Day

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Happy Leif Erikson Day everyone! Today is the day where we get to curse Christopher Columbus for allegedly discovering North America. Leif Erikson was actually the first to make his way over here and does not get the correct recognition. So that being said, I decided it was a good opportunity to throw my Viking […]

Loading the Bar

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Picture you lying down, staring right through the bar to the ceiling. It’s the first set on the bench and you know it is going to be a grind, but you want to get this weight for the first time. You get to rep number 4 of 6 and all of the sudden you’re pinned. […]