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Who is Strength Training For?

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Walk into any commercial gym and what will you see and abundance of? Cardio equipment and exercise machines. In the United States, most of our research about exercise has been conducted based upon cardio. This is different compared to Eastern Europe where there is much more emphasis on weightlifting. When studying for my exercise science […]

Train with 1 Limb to Benefit Both

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No one has a problem doing their bilateral (two arms or legs) work. Everyone benches, rows, and presses. Legs are a whole different beast and I know they are the most ignored muscle group. If you do not train your legs, you should. I am therefore going to continue as if everyone squats. Lunge variations, […]

The Most Underrated Piece of Equipment in the Gym

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Have you ever seen long cylinders of foam sitting in the corner of the stretching area at your gym? They typically look like this: These are probably the best kept secret in the industry. Most people in the general population have seen these but have no clue what they are for. They are simply called […]

Abs are Made in the Kitchen: Make it Yourself

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I am not a chef but I do like to cook. I do not know if I am going to break any sacred rules of cooking with this post but I do know that these simple techniques taste good. This post is dedicated to helping you make your food taste better. It might seem like […]