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Should You Use Kettlebells?

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Kettlebells are a hot topic in the exercise world. Now you can pretty much find them anywhere, which was not the case a few years back. They are popular and here to stay, so I want to start breaking down their place in training. There are a few kettlebell certifications out there and a countless […]

Top 5 Reasons You’re Not Seeing Results in the Gym

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A lack of results is probably the number 1 reason that people slack in the gym. Without progress, frustration usually sets in. Luckily there are many ways to stick to your program and get the results you are looking for. Chad Landers has an article that I found on Yahoo about the Top 5 Reasons […]

Overloading your Program

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I always find it funny when you see a definite number of weights that someone owns. It might be small 3 lb weights, a set of 10lbs, or maybe a set of 30 for the strongmen out there. The number of stores where you can buy single or sets of dumbbells and kettlebells is also […]

In Shape for What?

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“In Shape” might be one of the worst terms in fitness. It does not mean anything. Now, when someone tells me that they want to get in shape I get the idea of what they mean. In order to really reach your goals some further digging is needed. Two people may want to start training […]

How to Come Back from Injury

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We have all been hurt at some point in our lives. Now most of the population is not tearing their ACL trying to shake defenders but there are still some out there. If not, then injuries still happen to everyone. Whether it is broken bones when we are younger, ligament injuries in the middle years, […]

Why are you sitting at the gym?!

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What do resistance training machines, shoulder press racks, lat pulldowns, and cable rows usually all have in common? They all require you to sit. They are all also found in the commercial gym I used to be a member at (and I’ll assume many more). This gym also had 1 squat rack which was usually […]

Upper Abs versus Lower Abs

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In the never ending quest for six packs and flat stomachs, ab work is divided into parts. Typically we see upper abs, lower abs, and obliques. It is easy for someone to look down or in the mirror and see which region they would like to improve. Depending on your training, you might even split […]

Squatting with Your Knees over Your Toes

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How to squat is a highly debated topic and cues for teaching the squat are very extensive. Typically most people are good to go as long as they focus on sitting back and driving the knees away from the midline of the body. Those two adjustments make a huge difference in squatting. Notice I left […]

The 3 C’s of Fat Loss

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Can you go online without seeing something related to weight loss? I’m not sure it is even possible anymore. It is the most popular reason for seeking out a fitness program. The problem is now that there are so many supplements, products, or programs designed to burn fat. It is too bad that there is […]

The Young Person’s Back Injury

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Who is really most at risk for back injuries? It must be older people because they all have bad backs. It is actually younger people that are more at risk for disc ruptures, herniations, and bulges. These injuries can be seriously debilitating for those inflicted. There is a wide array of symptoms from disc issues […]