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America is Not the Fattest Country Anymore

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According to this article from Yahoo News Mexico has overtaken the United States as the fattest developed country in the world. Good job… I guess. The obesity rate is still 31.8% in this country as opposed to Japan which is at 4.5%. The article tells us that the malnourished people in Mexico are driving up […]

Are Your Back Muscles Working Too Hard?

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Stiff and bad backs are all too common an occurrence. It is estimated that 80% of people have back pain, and it is usually in the low back. More often than not, pain and stiffness are results of overuse. Standing with a rounded back posture means that the spinal extensors are constantly working to bring […]

If you don’t have time to train…

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Someone who is serious about their training needs a good facility, good surrounding people, and a good time to train. Getting a workout in is difficult for some people to accomplish. People have responsibilities at work, home, personally, and with their family. Sometimes when the task list builds up, the gym becomes an afterthought. This […]