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Creating Clarity in Fitness

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One of our old interns was in the building today because he is on winter break. It is good to catch up with him because he is in the collegiate sector. The different perspective is always good to hear. Recently he did a certification that was very outside of the box. He was in the […]

Stronger and More Stable Athletes

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Sometimes I will use strength and stability almost interchangeably. On one hand strength is stable. On the other, we can break this down a little bit further. I have seen a lot of young athletes that get up to some pretty good numbers with their lifts. I have also seen some not so strong athletes […]

When You Should Train Biceps and Triceps

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My stance on biceps and triceps has changed a little bit recently. A couple months ago I viewed hitting arms as accessory and not important. With most of the people I work with we are trying to help them perform better in their sport. In the time that I have to work with these athletes, […]

Back Squat vs. Front Squat

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I get the question a lot- Whats the difference between front and back squats? They are both used to develop lower body strength. Back squats start with the bar resting on the shoulders, while front squats rest on the collarbones and front of the shoulder. This bar position makes front squats much more quad dominant […]

Are you Training or Not?

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I was watching the simulcast of Felger and Mazz when the Olympics were still on and they went through a pretty funny segment of determining if something was a sport or not. One of the criteria was “its not a sport if alcohol is served while you play.” This eliminated bowling and golf. I think […]

Glute Activation vs. Glute Training

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I have been fairly active on social media the last 3-4 weeks. I am mostly trying a few strategies so that as many people can see what we do at Evolution as possible. So far, so good. Well, except for some of the interesting content that I am finding. One thing I noticed is that […]

Progressing the Side Plank for Core Stability

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When it comes to core training there are some people out there hopelessly grinding away on situps and crunches. I do not like these choices because they put the spine at risk but they also do not promote good patterns. When someone is lacking core stability, it can hold their performance back. This can be […]

Is This the Most Challenging Lower Body Exercise?

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When it comes to lower body training we have a ton of options to choose from. We could go with many of the barbell movements like deadlifts, squats, RDL’s and weighted glute bridges. We also have almost unlimited possibilities of single leg work like lunges, step ups, single leg RDL’s and split squats. Now each […]

3 Ways to Make Pushups Harder

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Pushups are a fundamental movement that everyone should be able to do. They require no equipment and everyone is at least familiar with them. A lot of people do not do them right and even more people do not do them at all. This is a problem because they have a ton of benefits and […]

Getting In Shape without a Treadmill

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Running seems to be one of the most popular forms of exercise in this country. It is easy to perform, does not require a whole lot of equipment, and is very cheap. Throw some clothes on, lace up your shoes, and just go run. Seems simple enough right? Well here I am to hate on […]