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Workout Guide to the Month of December

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Now that Thanksgiving is over, the craziest month of the year is upon us. December is a time for holiday shopping, parties, and eating a ton of food. I have a very small family and have a minimum of 4 Christmas parties this year. I can only imagine what that means for people with larger […]

Kettlebell Swing Challenges

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I am a big fan of kettlebell swings. I think they provide a lot of benefits to the person doing them and I also like to perform them myself. There are a lot of times where I may not be in the mood to do heavy squats but I am always down for some kettlebell […]

It’s All about What You Take Away

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Fitness and nutrition are two topics that people are obsessed with adding. When looking at making changes to their routine, no one really looks to removing or substituting anything. Usually, most people want to add to what they’re doing. If cardio six days a week is not getting the job done, adding weight training to […]

Set Yourself Up for the Long Run

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Where do you want to be physically in 5,15,30 years? This is a topic that many people do not really think about when it comes to diet and exercise. Most people want to do the “get abzz yesterday program, guaranteed.” So instead of training with long term progress in mind we instead go to the […]

Are Tight Hamstrings a Real Concern?

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Hamstring flexibility is something that most people believe that they need tons of. There is a perception that the inability to be as flexible as a dancer or gymnast is a bad thing. I always thought that this was a weird topic because I was never sure what a lot of flexibility did for people. […]

Owning the 165

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No one likes to do homework. From 1st grade through the completion of my Master’s, I went to school for 20 straight years. There was a lot of homework along the way. It was necessary for success. When it comes to getting great results from training you must do your homework as well. A lot […]

Random Tips and Tricks for Training

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This weekend was one full of information and subsequently getting my mind blown. Myself, and 2 other coaches from Evolution, went to Providence for a weekend seminar by Perform Better. This was the second event from them I have gone to this year and both times I have left trying to collect my thoughts. The […]

Chicken Sausage Recipe and Fat Loss Workouts

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Eating better does not have to mean plain chicken breast and broccoli. If you are cutting weight for an event and we are talking about dropping from 5% body fat to 4.75%, then you might have to eat bland. For normal people that just need to clean up their diets from junk food, it does […]

The Best Way of Training

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There are so many different types of equipment and training protocols that it can be hard to pick one and go with it. Everyone is concerned with which one is going to be the best for getting them the results they want. Who can blame them? Too often, inexperienced gym goers have ADD when it […]

3 Reasons Why Your Body is a Mercedes

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For the most part, people take care of their cars more than their own body. They get oil changes every 3 months, maintenance when the warning lights come on, and gas it up when the tank is getting low. The human body is no different than a car in a general sense. It needs maintenance […]