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Gluten Free Cookies are Still Cookies

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I was having a good conversation with a client this morning. He was asking if I had seen the special on Tom Brady and the TB12 Method. This is obviously a hot topic in New England. Every time someone has brought up Brady (or even Gronk) this year, the conversation inevitably moves towards the book, […]

2 Random Tips for Getting Back in Shape

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Not too long ago I wrote a post on how you do not need a treadmill to get back in shape. Too often we get stuck in the mentality that we need to figure everything out on our own before we are ready to figure some things out. Just Tuesday we started another session of […]

3 Ideas that I Find Comical about the Fitness Industry

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First and foremost, the ideas that I am about to poke fun at are things that I used to do. All three myths are things that I used to strongly believe. The point of this post is not to simply just bash on general fitness things and be grumpy about it. I want to let […]

You Cannot Turn Fat into Muscle

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It has been about 3.5 years since I have finished my undergrad work. We can knock another 1.5 while I was taking coursework that separated me from the general fitness world. Lets call it 5 years since I have really had to work with a lot of the old myths and sacredly held beliefs in […]

Random Thoughts on Running a Fitness Business

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We are going to go a little bit off topic today. I spend a lot of time talking about training and making better athletes. Each and everyday that is still my goal. If our athletes are not achieving great results then we do not have a business. We also have a responsibility to provide for our […]

5 Tips for Selling Sports Performance Programs

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A little while back I decided to try something a little bit different. Every day I am asking our athletes and adults to get out of their comfort zone to do things that may not be great at or at least inexperienced with. Nearly 7 months ago my business partner and I took over ownership […]

Where does Cardio fit in Fat Loss?

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Today I am taking a step away from focusing on athletes to get a little bit more general. It is getting close to the holiday season. This is where most people go one of two ways: abandon all hopes of working out or ramping up the efforts to counteract what is going to happen. A […]

Observations from Training Young Athletes

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At Evolution Sports Performance, we train athletes as young as 8 years old. I have even worked with a couple of 7 year olds. I have seen some young athletes despite a short time in in this field. I have also been lucky enough to see athletes progress from the youth age to now being […]

Workout Finishers for the Holidays and Beyond

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Happy Holidays everyone. This is the time of year for lots of eating, drinking, and not working out. Time becomes limited and the first thing to go is the gym. At least running around from store to store, fighting off the crowds has to have some kind of metabolic effect right? This time of year […]

What’s the Rush?

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“Lose 20 lbs in 2 weeks” “Gain 20 lbs of muscle in 20 days” “Add 12547 lbs to your bench by next week” The fitness industry is polluted by claims and quotes like the ones above. They create the idea that dramatic change is simple, quick, and easy. It might be simple, but it is […]