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Core Training for Hockey Players

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I could sit here and it would probably take me all day to list out the unique demands that hockey places on the body. It is just a different sport in terms of the way that it is played and the movements in the game. There are a ton of people in the world that […]

Building Upper Body Strength for Hockey Players

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When we talk about shoulder health, it is usually the overhead sports where the biggest issues come from. Sports like volleyball, tennis, baseball, and swimming are all heavily demanding on the shoulder and requires the athlete to actually take care of themselves. We can see similar problems with hockey players. Hockey players are not overhead […]

Offseason Hockey Conditioning

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There are a lot of sports that are behind the curve when it comes to strength and conditioning. When you hear lifting weights in the summer, what sport do you think of? Most would say football. Football players are easy to give the benefits of training for because most parents and athletes accept that during […]

Improve Core Strength and Hip Mobility for Hockey

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Hockey players often have the hip mobility of a scarecrow. The unfortunate part is that hockey players need a lot of hip mobility to skate fast. They must be able to sink their hips back and bend at the knee to be in a good position. Over time, the hockey stride will cause overuse and […]

Faster and Stronger Hockey Players this Offseason

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Hockey players have a great opportunity over the summer because of when their season starts. Fall sports start in about mid-August and its go time by the beginning of September. This means that the summer is the time to really start getting prepared for the season and the winter/spring was the time to build some […]

Groin Strength for Hockey Players

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Straining a muscle can occur if the muscle (group) is weak or if it is overused. The groin is a common site of muscle pulls, strains, and tears in hockey players. We do see groin pulls in other sports as well. Potential causes of groin pulls are not the actual event that causes the tear, […]

Skate Faster with Better Core Control

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In the search for faster skating, hockey players will seemingly do whatever it takes. There are an endless number of camps, sessions, and teams that kids can play on/attend all designed to create better hockey players. More often than not, these are great. Kids learn fundamental skills of the game, it might help a little […]

5 Hip Openers for Hockey Players

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Hockey players are often movement nightmares. The ones that do not take care of themselves can easily display the mobility of the tin man. I think that now, the athletes are making a shift toward actually caring a little bit about how they move. It’s almost as though they are fed up with being tight […]

Unlocking the Hips for Better Rotation

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Rotational athletes are particularly prone to back injuries due to rotation. When this happens it is due to hips that do not rotate well. The hips are allowed to move a lot, in different directions. The lower back on the other hand, is supposed to stay put. Through poor exercise choices and daily lifestyle, the […]

Young Hockey Players Need Off-Ice Training

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People will always question how important off-ice training is for kids as young as 8 years old. Do they really need it? Aren’t they a little young for it? It is essential that young hockey players train off of the ice. The most important quality for young hockey players is to be as athletic as […]