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Better Nutrition for Golf

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Nutrition is often a hot topic this time of year. We just got finished with the summer and the holidays are coming sooner than we expect. Never mind Tom Brady’s new book has people talking. There isn’t a lot of talk in the golf world about nutrition, though. I think the general idea is that […]

How Much Flexibility Do You Need?

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Flexibility is often a big buzz word when it comes to training. Athletes want to be flexible and train in a way that allows that to happen. How much flexibility does an athlete actually need though? The short answer is whatever they need to get in the necessary positions for their sport. If they can […]

How Golfers Can Manage Knee Pain

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A lot of people can play golf which means that a lot can also be dealing with a number of ailments, aches, and pains. Knee pain is a big one. Many people deal with it. Heck, I am dealing with it right now. This past weekend I walked 18 holes and bombed around New Orleans […]

KB Pullovers for Better Golf

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I have spoken quite a bit about why I do not understand combining exercises. I am not really sure why this is so prevalent in the golf world but I still do not see the use. My big underlying argument against them is that you cannot put full effort into each movement if they are […]

Changing How We Look at Distance

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Would you rather hit an 8 iron into a green or a wedge? If you didn’t say wedge then you must have a really good relationship with your 8 iron. Trust me, I understand. There is something about hitting my 6 iron off the tee that gets me really excited even though it really taps […]

Improving Power Training for Golf

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Power development is important for golfers. Distance is determined by club head speed. I don’t want to ignore the effect of certain qualities of the swing but that is not my place to comment on. The more club head speed you have, the further you will hit the ball. As we age, club head speed […]

Golf Fitness: Dissociation or Sequencing?

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I learned a lot when I took the TPI level 1 course a few years back. It was really my first venture into the golf world. I spent a lot of time in the fitness realm before that but this was the first exposure to the golf side. For a golf pro, the info may […]

Better Upper Body Training for Golfers

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Golfers need a strong upper body to increase club head speed and gain distance. But upper body strength training can get really ugly, really quickly. We have two ends of the spectrum that we can mess with. One is the end where nothing actually gets done. Grown men should not be going dumbbell presses with […]

3 Lessons About Golf Fitness

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I usually play golf with my business partner. I am currently playing at a 7.8 and he is probably about a stroke better than that as I type this. We both know our way around a course. This year I have made good improvements to get the handicap lower. I also have played in a […]

There Are No Golf Exercises

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Over the winter we had a few baseball teams training with us. At one point we went into one of our rooms that has 9 TRX set up. I like using the TRX with youth athletes because it allows them to train for strength with their bodyweight. Its also hard to do exercises wrong with […]