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Progressing the Lunge for Golfers

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I have a prediction for the beginning of this golf season. Brooks Keopka’s fitness routine and training is going to be criticized in the near future.  He has had two last place finished in his last two starts and is dealing with a wrist injury that no one can allegedly figure out.  I wrote about […]

5 More Exercises to Drive the Golf Ball Further

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I wrote a post back in 2014 about exercises to hit the ball further. Click here to read it. It is always funny to look back at some of my old posts to see if/where I stand on the things I said back then. A lot can change in a short amount of time and […]

Airing of Golf Fitness Grievances

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Happy Festivus. I hope everyone has their aluminum poles up and are preparing for the feats of strength. I am getting ready to design for this Friday. It is usually something loosely based on the 12 days of Christmas but I prefer Festivus anyway. Its up there with Leif Erikson Day. This year the Airing […]

Golf Fitness- Building Durability

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This past weekend we got see Tiger return to golf. There’s almost a zero chance I would have watched it if he wasn’t playing. Rickie Fowler’s 61 and front nine 28 just don’t really seem to matter. The Big Cat is back and he looked good. Rusty, but good. The most impressive thing that I […]

Golf Fitness Should Not be Conditional

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As I am writing this, Tiger is 3 hours away from returning to competition. The golf world is buzzing for his return. I am excited to see him back out there. I know some people are just writing him off. Either way he is good for golf. All of the coverage this week is surrounding […]

Why Get an Assessment?

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One of the biggest things to change in golf fitness, recently, is the use of movement screens and assessments. TPI is on the forefront of this and they do a really good job with their certifications. Assessments also seem to be one of the more debated topics in fitness. The FMS is one of those […]

Golf Fitness Made Simple

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It has been over 2 weeks since I have played golf. That is a long stretch but not out of the ordinary for this time of year. Between work and the weather, it is becoming difficult to get out there. I always joke that 40 degrees in March is way different than November. Our golfers […]

Getting the Most Out of the Golf Offseason

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We have turned the clocks back and the weather is getting colder. I did get to play on Friday which was in the 70’s but this morning was a nice 29. Needless to say, the season is winding down. This is when planning the off season becomes important. What many golfers will do is wait […]

How Golfers Can Train Around Back Pain

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Back pain is something that most people, let alone golfers, deal with all the time. Most recommendations are to do nothing. A lot of times this can be a good way to see if the issue is a real issue. I always joke that you should wait two weeks before calling your doctor because it […]

Golfer’s Need for Speed

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There is one thing that I have consistently seen among golfers who hit the ball far and those who do not. Golfers that lack distance off of the tee seem to have a longer, slower swing. This makes sense since the slower the swing, the slower the club head speed. Less speed = less distance. […]