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4 Basic Nutrition Tips for Athletes

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A lot of athletes struggle with nutrition. Some of the reasons for this can include lack of knowledge, inability to cook, not buying their own groceries, timing/options with school, etc. There are a lot of things that are working against athletes eating well. The problem is that good nutrition can be such a difference maker. […]

Reducing Reverse Spine for Golfers

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My golf game has come a long way in the five years that I have gotten back into playing. I started when I was 12 and played through high school. It was tough to play a lot growing up with limited options in Greater Boston. I actually don’t think I knew of anyone who had […]

Hamstring Flexibility is Overrated

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Tight hamstrings are one of the biggest plagues over young athletes. The problem: How much does it really matter? A lot of young athletes have trouble hitting a full hamstring stretch or touching their toes. The fix? Usually its hamstring stretches. Hamstring stretching will not help the following causes of hamstring tightness: Growth spurts Core […]

Random Observations on Spotting, Core Work, and Speed

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It has been a while since I have done a random thoughts post. I have a few things that I want to discuss but each one probably doesn’t warrant its own post. Most athletes would get stronger without spotters on the bench press Ok so I am just jumping right into this one. I know […]

Mixing Hip Rotation and Strength for Golf

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When it comes to fitness for golf I am always going to favor strength. Personally, it has helped my game in ways I never would have thought possible in high school. I will always remember the 4th hole at Unicorn Golf Course in Stoneham, MA. It used to play about 150 and I was deadly […]

So You Want to Get Quicker…

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Improving quickness is one of the biggest reasons that athletes will seek out training. Quickness is a great thing because everyone notices it. Opponents, coaches, and scouts will always recognize and respect quickness. I also find quickness to be the biggest area of growth in most athletes. It has the most room for improvement. In […]

Stopping Sway for Golfers

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The weather is starting to get better here in Southeastern, MA. At least for now, who knows what will come next week. Earlier today, I was able to play nine and it was about 90 degrees outside. This is the first really hot day we have had. The one thing that I noticed was that […]

Is Lifting Weights Bad for Your Joints?

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A lot of people are apprehensive to lifting weights because of a fear or pain or injury. I think this is a dying idea. I definitely hope it is on its way out. It has been a long time since I have heard the ol’ “Isn’t squatting bad for your knees”? Injuries typically do not […]

Stop Hanging Back in the Golf Swing

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I played a lot of golf last week. I was lucky enough to get 72 holes in Thursday-Sunday. Had some mixed results out there. At my home course I often struggle with the tee shot on the ninth hole. For some reason, I always decide its a good idea to hang back and slice the […]

4 Strength and Power Exercises for Better Quickness

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The importance of strength and power to training for quickness is often underrated. There is no speed or quickness without a strong, powerful motor. You cannot improve strength and, subsequently, power without resistance training. Resistance training is a big complement to speed and agility training. Athletes need to be able to balance both good technique […]