Abs are Made in the Kitchen Part 2

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Continuing from Part 1 I have a few more points to help with cleaning up your diet.

4.     Don’t drink your calories

This is the number one way to start shedding body fat. Water, tea, black coffee are all low in calories and high in benefits. For those that don’t like water- too bad, it should be most of your liquid intake. Gatorade, vitamin water, etc. are glorified sugar bombs that do not have any benefits.

Electrolyte replacement from Gatorade, for example, is only helpful if you are exercising for 2 hours steady state. Soda (including diet), juice cocktails, and adult cocktails should be avoided if you want a lean midsection. 

5.     Limit sugar intake

Sugar is in everything. They sneak it in every way possible. The problem with sugar is that has a high glycemic index. In short, a lot of sugar intake will promote fat storage. It is also a processed food and goes back to point number 1.

Artificial sweeteners are not much better for you since they have been shown to increase risk of diabetes. Yogurt, oatmeal, and trail mix are all high sugar items.

Making these products homemade, or from plain starters, will help to decrease sugar intake. Honey, fruit, and cinnamon are examples of things that can be added to improve flavor.

6.     Don’t eat out of boxes and cans

Processed foods are the lazy way out of eating. Foods out of cans are easy but they are typically not nutritious with some exceptions. This is also where the scientific experiments come into play with ingredients that cannot be pronounced.

Do not buy your vegetables in a can. Learn to make your own soups. Start buying Tupperware and pre cooking your lunches. It might be easier to count calories with the nutrition facts on the side panel of a box but it can be misleading when you are secretly eating all refined foods.

When you leave the grocery store you should be worried about keeping the food cold, not frozen. A good shopping trip will include mostly foods from the produce, meat, and dairy departments. Pantry staples, peanut butter, nuts, oats, and Larabars are usually what I grab out of an aisle.

 These are literally a life saver.

Start hunting down Larabars because they have minimal ingredients, usually dates plus other fruit and nuts. They blow granola bars out of the water.

Imagine a world where you never had to ask an employee what aisle something was in? I guess that’s really only the dream of an ex supermarket worker.

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