You Need Strong Legs

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Legs get such a bad rap when it comes to training.

Maybe it is because you cannot bench with your legs, but this half of the body gets ignored all too often.

Instead people spend days doing arms, shoulders, and benching with corresponding flys.

Exercises like squats, deadlifts, and all variations of the two have been performed by gym goers since forever. Despite this, there are still people with pencil legs and giant upper bodies.

The strongest people in the world do not ignore their lower body, yet some people call running their leg day.

I train some kids as young as 12 that have figured out how to squat and run on the same day. There is no secret; running does not constitute a leg workout.

You need to train legs because they contribute to overall strength.

Any number of the big lower body lifts help to develop total body strength.

A squat uses the core, lats, rhomboids, and chest to create upper body stability, something that cannot be trained with upper body lifts.

Upper body presses and pulls train the muscles in a fashion in which they move.

The only other way to train stability through these muscles is closed chain exercises, like pushups. Here the hands are attached to the ground and the stability is built in.

When squatting if we think about bending the bar over our back and pulling the elbows through, the upper body becomes closed in nature.


The barbell is not going anywhere and the legs are doing the movement.

The upper body has to stabilize while the legs do the work.

Upper body stability is important for the upper body lifts. Give the chest a stable platform to work off of and performance will increase.

You need to train legs because it will help with fat loss efforts.

Most gym goers are looking for fat loss whether they know it or not.

Whether they want to look more ripped or lose weight, it is the same goal and they are happy when either one happens.

The legs are the biggest muscles in the whole body.

Big muscles burn more calories. More calories burned will lead to more fat loss.

Training the legs has to be done through resistance training means. Simply just running does not really develop the musculature; it mostly develops the aerobic energy system.

A strong set of legs also will burn more calories even when you are not at the gym as well. Bigger, stronger muscles use more oxygen at rest and the use of oxygen uses up calories.

You need to train legs because it will assist with injury prevention.

There are people who get knee, ankle, hip, and back injuries through daily life or through freak events.

Either one can be assisted by having a strong lower half.

Strong quads, glutes, and hamstrings will help with knee stability which is needed to help against chronic pain.

The same goes for hip, back, and ankle pain.

The chances of a freak accident occurring can also be mitigated by having strong legs. Not every injury is preventable but a lot can be.

As we get older, we put more wear and tear on the body. Having a good level of strength is your best defense against breaking down.


Squats are not bad for your knees. Deadlifts are not bad for your back.

Do the exercises right and you will develop strength through the lower body.


Lower body strength is essential for fat loss, injury prevention, and total body strength.

If you want to be well rounded and set up to reach your fitness goals, do not skip leg day.