It’s All about What You Take Away

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Fitness and nutrition are two topics that people are obsessed with adding.

When looking at making changes to their routine, no one really looks to removing or substituting anything.

Usually, most people want to add to what they’re doing.

If cardio six days a week is not getting the job done, adding weight training to 3 of those days is a misguided strategy.

It might seem like adding those 3 days should help accelerate progress, but the original problem has not been addressed correctly.

There are many things that influence performance in the gym. Some of them include stress, sleep, and nutrition.


Progress can be stunted when these factors become out of sync.

These external factors are the emergency brakes on your training. Until you take off the e brake, you aren’t going to make it very far.

Yet, the in gym factors are the only things that get constantly tweaked when they are last in the progression.

Adding in sprinting to yoga, cardio, and strength training is not going to make things any better.


The body cannot handle all of these different stimuli to adapt to. Try taking out the cardio and avoiding the sprinting to see what happens.

This is even more apparent when we look at external factors affecting the body.

Someone who is only sleeping 3 hours per night is not going to make any changes to their life until they start sleeping more.

A person that is seeking weight loss is not going to lose any weight if the only liquids they consume are soda and alcohol.

They also are not going to make improvements by adding a cleanse and a detox to a paleo vegetarian diet. Adding will not help.

Until these things are removed from the equation, the wheels will just keep spinning.

Here are some strategies and suggestions for things to take away in order to enhance your performance.

Rules of Nutrition

• Remove junk food

• Remove sugary drinks
• Remove refined/processed foods
• Remove “low fat”, “low calorie”, or “diet” anything.
     o If the food is truly these things it will not have a label because it will be fresh fruit, veggies, or meats.

Here is the strategy to improve nutrition:

• Every meal must have protein, vegetables, and healthy fats.
• Drink plenty of water throughout the day
• Eat as much fiber from real foods as possible
• Save starchy carbs/grains for surrounding workouts

Rules of Sleep

• Sleep for 8 hours
• One hour before midnight counts as two after midnight

To help falling asleep:

• Do something boring before bed. Action TV and movies might get you excited and not ready to fall asleep.
• Lay in bed for 15 minutes before you intend to fall asleep. This will help shut you off.
• If all else fails do some concentrated breathing for 2 minutes before bed. Short inhale, long exhale focusing on the process. Do this successfully and its lights out.

Rules of Training

• Get your nutrition and sleep in order first
• Pick a program and stick with it for at least 2-3 months.
• Do not start adding until everything else in your life is perfect and the only thing holding you back is the training.

Most people have a lot going on in their life.

Adding and adding to the strategy is not going to work.

Make the necessary changes and focus more on removing the bad things before adding more good things.

If the things that hold you back are still present, the most perfect training program will still not work.

Focus on what you can substitute and take away before adding.