5 Ways to Eat More Vegetables

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Nutrition is more than just a way to lose weight.

Eating well also boosts performance.

Those that think they can just eat like crap because they have been skinny their whole life will have to deal with lack of production at work, in the gym, or in other aspects of life.

These people are robbing themselves of potential by ignoring good nutritional strategies.

I think the number 1 nutritional deficit in our society is a lack of vegetables.

Precision nutrition is responsible for empowering people to lose a lot of weight through behavior change. They recommend a minimum of 6 fistfuls of vegetables per day.

We are definitely not getting that much on the whole.


We definitely get enough fat, carbohydrates, and protein which can all come from poor sources. The things that we are missing are well balanced vitamins, minerals, and fiber.

When we are missing these things the symptoms are less obvious.

There are 6 types of essential nutrients: protein, carbohydrate, fat, vitamins, minerals, and water.
The last 3 seem to get thrown by the wayside in order to make sure the other 3 are there.

People usually do not have an issue meeting the first 3.

The vitamins and minerals are important for bodily functions. Any kind of physical or mental ailment that arises can be attributed to lack of a nutrient 95% of the time.

There are not too many people running to get blood tests every time they make a diet change or start to feel sleep deprived, stressed, etc. to discover these things.

In short and not getting specific, eating more vegetables will start to solve more problems.

You already know that.

Due to that, I am going to give you some strategies for adding more vegetables to your diet.

1. Add Ins

One of my favorite ways to eat more vegetables, and one of the first strategies I employed, was adding them in to things I was already eating.

Ground turkey is an easy thing to cook and I was buying it already, so I started by adding a pepper and then some zucchini to make it a more well balanced meal.

Sometimes I will take a chicken sausage, cut it up, and roast it in the oven with a sweet potato and brussel sprouts or cauliflower.

Adding vegetables to something you are already eating helps to add them to your diet. When you take a couple different foods and cook them together, the flavors mesh to avoid eating all plain foods.

Be creative here. Does zucchini go with ground turkey? I sure as hell didn’t know but I tried it anyway and it worked.

A coworker of mine once told me that he roasted brussel sprouts and ground turkey inside of a squash and then covered it in hot sauce. This is not classic French cuisine but who cares because it works.

Find what works for you.

2. Shakes

I will admit I am not huge on the shakes. My girlfriend has a Vitamix and can throw together some means smoothies though.

Adding in spinach or kale to a smoothie/shake does not change the flavor of it and has a ton of benefits. These two foods alone are some of the best to eat since they are loaded with nutrients.

Smoothies are great for those that “don’t have enough time” to eat well. Make a smoothie ahead of time and you have something that will take the place of going out to eat.

Bolster up the smoothie and turn it into a nutrient packed mini meal.


3. Prepare in Bulk

Most people are more likely to eat more vegetables if there is minimal effort to get them ready.

Pick a day during the week that you know you have some time. Many will choose Sunday for this.

Make a ton of vegetables to last you the next 5-7 days or however long they will stay good.

Store them in the fridge and this way you can just grab when you need them.

Long days at work or days out will not make cooking vegetables a chore since it will already be done for you.

4. Go Frozen

I still prefer fresh vegetables any day, but frozen vegetables hold their nutrients better than any other kind.

Since they are frozen they cannot be affected by temperature, handling, or light which can all sap the foods of their benefits.

Frozen vegetables are also simple to prepare by just popping in the microwave.
Once they are ready they can be thrown into a food that you cooked right before you are going to
take it off of the stove, as mentioned before.

If frozen vegetables are going to make you eat more of them, by all means take advantage of it.

5. Eat while you Wait

This is something that works for me while I cook.

When something is on the stove or in the oven I am cooking some green beans, snap peas, or sugar peas at the same time.

The vegetables only take a second to cook so they are ready before the food.

I have been known to eat a bowl of vegetables before whatever I am cooking is done, before I even notice I did.

This is not the ideal way to eat with someone else or make neat plates, but it does work.

I want everyone to eat more vegetables. We do not need to count calories, macros, etc. because no one has gotten fat eating vegetables.

Everyone knows that they are good for them so try these strategies to eat more every day.