You Must be Strong to Eat Well

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No, not physically strong. Deadlifting a truck won’t make you eat better. If you want to make new diet habits, you must be up to the challenges. These challenges typically come in the form of friends, family, and coworkers.

When these people do not share the same goals as you, they can be very discouraging of what you are doing. Having a good support system automatically puts you ahead of the curve.

Why are people close to me trying to make me fail?

Chances are they’re not. They just don’t have the same outlook towards diet as you. Usually food is perceived as a good thing no matter how bad it is for you- it is enjoyable. They might not understand why you want to avoid certain types of food, especially if they are not trying to lose weight themselves. They may also not know certain foods are bad or might not fit into the plan you are trying to make.

People try to tell me that whole wheat bread is good for me even though I try to minimize foods with unknown or excessive ingredients. They are usually steered the wrong way by the media, who make generalizations that do not apply to everyone. Hearing that wheat bread is better than white bread does not mean it is the same as an apple. *Note: I am not debating the nutritional quality of bread with this post*.

If you want to eat healthy you need to stand up and defend what you are trying to do. Having a good plan makes this easy because then you know why you are eating certain foods and avoiding others.

“It’s ok to have cheat days”

Cheat days-Famous advice from people that are not qualified to make it. Anyone that tells you to have a cheat day is throwing darts blindfolded. They do not know what your diet has been that day, week, etc. How do they know you are due for a cheat day? Maybe you haven’t gotten to the gym and need to keep your diet on track. Maybe you had ice cream the night before. What if you had a few beers in celebration over the weekend?

Only you have the information required to determine whether or not it is time to cheat. You need to evaluate how your diet has been and weight the consequences of eating a whole cake (by the way, not a cheat but complete diet destroyer)

Cheat days are good from time to time but they are not whenever someone else wants you to have one. You need to look at your diet as a whole and decide what you are going to do. Maybe there are bigger issues for those that want to drag others into their bad eating habits.

“You work so hard you can eat what you want”

Also fantastic advice. How does your boss know how hard you work if he or she is not there with you? What if you are coming off of injury and your intensity is down temporarily? Why would you work so hard just to counteract your gains by eating the whole bucket of KFC? When is he going to stop asking questions in this post? I’m not really sure.

 A good diet will enhance your training adaptations and the opposite is also true. This excuse often comes from those that do not exercise regularly and don’t know what it means to reach a fitness goal.  

The Next Step

Self control and will are challenged constantly when changing lifestyle habits. Stick to your guns and you will succeed. Do not let these people bring down everything you are working for.

It is your goal, not theirs. Let them know that it is something you really want to accomplish. Tell them why you are doing certain things or not eating a certain way. You know what it takes to eat well and other people should not sway you otherwise. Defend what you are doing and educate the person if necessary. They will understand what you are trying to do..

If these people still try to bring you down despite explaining your plan to them, then screw ‘em. But seriously work with them and only let your friends, family, coworkers, etc. influence your goals positively.

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