Do You Need Supplements?

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I am not the biggest fan of supplements.

For me, it comes down to money and I want to get my money’s worth.

I have tried protein, creatine, pre workout, thermogenics, amino acids, etc. They have all gotten an honest shot with me.

Supplements are supposed to supplement one’s diet, not consist of the entire thing.

This brought me to the thought “well if it can be found in food, I will just get my nutrition under control.”

This is a strategy that worked for me. I also do not buy into the BS that most supplements came.

I have been getting stronger for years despite overcoming less than optimal nitric oxide levels. I know, I’m a true warrior and inspiration to all.

So are supplements necessary?


pre workout

Do they help? Yes, but they are not magic.

You do not take protein and all of the sudden your new 6 pack is punching your friends in the face.

I do not know if Tony Gentilcore invented the term but he definitely uses it, “supplements are progress enhancers, not starters.”

So yea yea… bash supplements… have you seen my shaker cup?

I want to bring about something that is based on no science evidence and I cannot prove.

Supplements may help people get back on track.

Huh? How?

My thoughts are simple. Someone who buys a big thing of protein is going to lift just to justify taking the protein after.

Maybe the product is the push of encouragement needed for someone to not skip the gym today.

There is no research that says buying supplements increases gym attendance but anything that gets people excited to lift is a good thing.

You do not need thousands of dollars in supplements per month but if something is going to give you that extra motivation to train harder, then by all means use it.

So no, do not ask me whether you should be taking Vitamin A, E, or K. My response will be to Google which foods are high in them. The extra carrots and kale will be good for you anyway.

If spending a few bucks on a tub of protein is going to make you train more frequently, then take advantage of it.

There is no need to debate whether or not it will make your sessions more exciting since they have a “reward” in your locker.

For some it applies, for others it doesn’t.

If you do want to know about supplements check out They have free info on basically every supplement.

That is the first place I go when someone asks me for information about new products.

Supplements may keep the efforts going but they do not kick-start the engine or pull rabbits out of their hats.