3 Reasons Why Your Body is a Mercedes

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For the most part, people take care of their cars more than their own body.

They get oil changes every 3 months, maintenance when the warning lights come on, and gas it up when the tank is getting low.

The human body is no different than a car in a general sense. It needs maintenance and proper fuel or else it will break down.

Taking care of one’s self needs to become a priority. Your health and happiness depend on it.

Your body is more valuable than any car you can dream of.


[First car analogy]

If your car’s check engine light came on would you Google what to do? Maybe, just so you have an understanding.

But what if it says that your intake’s e-chip has injected itself into a piston defibrillator? Would you go at it without the proper knowledge? I hope not.

Most people take their cars to mechanics to get it fixed. Strange concept, I know. You bring your car to an expert because you lack the required knowledge to fix it.

The funny part is that a car is replaceable. If it breaks, you can get a new one. Yes, they are expensive and that it is more complex that just going to the car store and picking one off of the shelf.

Your body is much more expensive. If it breaks, it is not a cheap fix. You cannot junk it for a better one.

So why then do we use Youtube, The Biggest Loser, Cosmo, whatever to improve our lives?

There are people who have studied exercise and nutrition twice as much as you could ever imagine studying for your line of work. Most of these people offer advice that is affordable or, better yet, free.

Seek out the experts and not the media to figure what is the best strategy, not the most popular/flashy.

[Car analogy 2]

 Your car needs an oil change. This is a simple fix. Someone can definitely do this on their own.

Can they do it with a hammer, four cinderblocks, and some rope? No, they do not have the right tools.

Someone can absolutely do it with a lift, a full toolbox, and disposal containers.

You cannot do Olympic lifts if you do not have a coach, bumper plates, weightlifting bars, and a platform.

Make sure you have the right tools for the job. Hammers cannot paint a wall and no cookware means you are missing out on your nutrition.

These first 2 analogies are used to demonstrate the problem in the fitness world. No one wants to seek out those with the proper knowledge and tools to get them the results they want.

People who try to create a race car out of a Honda Civic tend to make a car that basically drags on the ground and sounds like a lawnmower. [Analogy 3] They did not have the right tools or knowledge to do a good job.

However, some Civics can probably approach 180 mph. You might be asking for a ticket but some people out there can do a good job with it. They have the right knowledge and tools.

There are hundreds of great resources out there and some of them are free! Actually, you are on a free blog right now.

This will also allow you to focus on your job, family, life etc. Taking care of your body is paramount. Your livelihood and happiness depend on it.

The information is available. Let the experts do the work for you. It will save you the stress of being in a boat with no oars (not a car analogy).