When will Starvation be Recognized as Bad?

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Weight loss is a tricky thing.

It is not the people that need it the most that are seeking it out. People whose lives depend on losing weight and getting fitter should be prescribed exercise instead of medication.

For those that could live totally normal lives but want to look better, it gets tricky. This is the realm of people where a little bit of knowledge does a lot of damage.

Now I am absolutely not going in the direction of “you are perfect the way you are don’t change your body” type of BS mantras that get thrown around.

I am much more on the side of: If you want to change something about your life, do it.

There are problems with that though. The process has to be done right or it is not going to go well.

Bad programs and nutritional advice do not get anyone results. They usually just give personal trainers a bad name.

This happens all of the time with people who do not eat in the attempt at losing weight.

I do not know anyone that has ever decided to starve them self, lose weight, and live a happy life.

crash diet

If the weight loss happens (a huge IF), it is not sustainable. No one can avoid eating and stay healthy.

How well does your car run without any gas in the tank? A BMW is about as useful as a pile of milk crates without gas in the tank. I guess you can at least sit on both of them.

I have never understood why this appeals to people.

There are starving people in Africa. It gets thrown around all of the time, usually when someone is wasting food.

Well there are starving people in America, but THEY ARE DOING IT ON PURPOSE.

I will never be able to determine who decided that not eating would fix problems instead of creating more. I do wonder how successful that venture was.

People need to eat. There is a reason we die without food.

No one has ever gotten fat off of vegetables,fruits, lean proteins, healthy fats, and water.

You cannot function let alone exercise under these conditions. The real kicker is that most people cannot lose weight by not eating.

You are not Ghandi. He could go without eating for long periods of time.

Most likely if you haven’t eaten in 2 days a whole pizza is going to be a casualty soon.

Beyond that is the fact that you are depriving yourself of what you need.

Everyone deserves to be happy. People who do not eat are not happy. They are angry, pissed off, and not fun to be around. Do not be that person. 

There is nothing worse than the story that goes as follow:

” I’ve barely eaten this week, lost 1/4 of an ounce, haven’t slept, look like crap, and feel like crap. Whats wrong here?”

You need to eat it is essential. Every time you go to eat make sure there is a cup of vegetables and some kind of lean protein in the meal.

This will enhance your gains in the gym, your mood, and the way you look.

There is a worldwide push to end hunger yet those same people are voluntarily doing it to themselves.