Basic Nutrition, 5 yd Circuit, and Unstable Hips

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1.      There are 2 basic nutritional guidelines that I have been giving out lately.

When it comes to losing weight I understand that it is not easy. I lost 30 pounds over a few years and I learned a lot of things along the way.

I usually try to get people to make their own decisions by telling them to only eat real food. If you do not know what goes into it, do not eat it.

This leaves too much up to the person. Only a small percentage of people are truly self motivated.

I was at a conference this weekend and Martin Rooney was explaining that everyone knows how to eat right. I was caught off guard a little bit. Then he started giving examples.

Is broccoli good for you? Blueberries? Grilled Chicken?

Everyone knows the answer is yes.

The problem is that people know it but do not do it.

My advice is simple:

Eat vegetables with every meal (fruit at breakfast is acceptable). Eat protein with every meal. 

You will get some results from just doing these two things. Once you make these changes you can get more complicated with nutrition.

Until then make sure every meal is constructed this way.

I like this advice because it is doable. I am not saying cut this and that out, instead it is about starting with 2 guidelines.

Some problems will start to fix themselves and then more advanced strategies can take place.

2.      Here is a 4 minute circuit that does not involve any equipment. 

First, mark 5 yards with two objects. Cones, shoes, anything works here.

All work will be done within the 5 yard area.

For 20 seconds on, 10 seconds rest perform:

·        Shuffles back and forth

·        Sprint out back pedal back

·        Carioca back and forth (this may also be wrongly thought of as a karaoke)

·        Sprint out back pedal back

Repeat twice.

This is over in 4 minutes and will really jack up the heart rate. I like to use these type of workouts as finishers to a strength program. 83phb1_MPreview

3.      Golf season is approaching again and last year I hit a snag when my back went on me.

I have no idea what the actual diagnosis would have been, but I unracked the bar for a back squat and felt a shooting pain through my glute. I was done after that.

For 2-3 weeks I was in rough shape but I was reading Stuart McGill’s Ultimate Back Fitness and Performance book at the time.

In it he gives a quick program for activating the core muscles.

This was my life saver. I was able to move again and performed the exercises every day for the entire summer.

Now I have started swinging again and some tightness is coming back and I attribute most of it to paranoia. The other part is that my hips are insanely unstable.

I have seen some video of myself walking or running and my hips just bounce back and forth.

What does this mean? I’ve been slacking with my exercises.

In order to increase core stability I need to work on the muscular endurance of the muscles.

This goes for a lot of people as well. I can just watch people who have a history of back pain walk and see where they compensate.

The solution is simple work on endurance of the obliques, rectus, and spinal erectors without moving the spine.

This is not accomplished through supermen, situps, crunches or any other spine destroying movements. Side planks and birddogs are 2 of my go to’s. 

The role of the core is stability. Moving to train the muscles is working against the goal.