Easy Ground Turkey, Swings and Deadlifts, and Getting Out of Flexion

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1.      Ground turkey is on the shopping list every week and unless the store is out, I try to get creative with it.

I view it as almost a blank canvas because you can do a million things with it, plus pretty much anyone can cook it.

To cook it by itself, put a pan on the stove. Put turkey in skillet and break up until it is cooked.

I think ground turkey has a neutral enough taste that no one can really have any complaints about it. You do have to understand that it is not beef and I am not trying to pretend it is.

So here is a simple recipe that anyone can cook:

What you need:

·        1 lb ground turkey

·        1 diced red pepper

·        1 small head of broccoli

·        Salt and pepper

Put skillet on high with olive oil in the pan.

Add the peppers first and let them start to sweat. Add ground turkey and break up until it is 95% cooked. Add broccoli and pull off the stove when the broccoli becomes bright green.

Makes 1-2 servings

Be sure to season your food. Bland food makes me hate life so be sure to add salt and pepper. The difference between good and bad dishes is sometimes as simple as seasoning.

2.      A quick and easy workout to get the heart rate going and work on the glutes is one of my favorites when short on time.

It is 10 kettlebell swings followed by 10 kettlebell deadlifts. Use the same kettlebell and try to get 10 sets (100 reps of each) in 10 minutes.

This is good for an off day session to get moving, a finisher at the end of a workout, or something to challenge your time every few weeks.

I really like these two exercises because we get to use the glutes. This forgotten muscle group has huge implications for injury prevention.

Activating the posterior chain also activates the biggest muscles of the lower body. Utilizing and important muscle group for metabolic work will enhance your performance.

3.      Most of the world lives in flexion.

This is the slight rounding of the back that results from excess sitting. This also causes a lot of pain in the low back, something that most clients come to me with.

Computers, TV, smartphones, etc. all contribute to this type of issue. Getting people out of that posture is one of my every day battles.

Bad Posture

I work with some clients for 3 hours a week. That leaves 160+ hours to reverse everything we worked on. The odds are not in my favor.

There are two exercises that I particularly like for getting people into more extension.

One is chin-ups. I can hear the groans from here.

The other is Overhead leg work. Usually single leg. Doing overhead exercises extends the torso, lightens the load, and activates the core.

If you sit most of the day, try overhead lunges or step ups to a box/bench to promote good posture while strengthening the exercises.

These are 3 simple tips to promote some good habits. Try them all or one per week to start getting on track to your goals.