How to Actually Get Strong

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If I had to break down the majority of people’ fitness goals it would be to look better or get stronger.

There are other goals out there but most gym goers would be satisfied with achieving at least one of these.

I am going to focus on those that want to build strength whether it is to display it in everyday life or keep adding weight to the bar.

Getting strong is simple but not necessarily easy.

That being said there is some information that seems to have been lost in translation.

In the most basic terms strength is easy to define. Muscular strength is the muscle’s ability to move a maximal load.  

Hypertrophy is muscle growth, endurance is the ability to sustain a muscle contraction or repeated muscle contractions, and power involves moving a weight quickly.

All of these aspects of fitness need to be trained in a different way.

Where did our misinformation come from?

I am going to blame Arnold. That’s right, Terminator.

Now before I get too far ahead of myself it is not actually Arnold’s fault.

The sport of Body Building was very popular in the 70’s, 80’s and even now.

For general fitness clients, body builders have created a sense of confusion.

Look at the picture above, Arnold looks really strong right?

Now he may have been able to handle a lot of weight but he was not all that strong compared to Olympic lifters and Powerlifters.

Looks can be deceiving because even though his muscles are huge, his forte was not throwing more and more weight on the bar.

It was about getting big and lean (with the help of some street pharmaceuticals). This was done through hypertrophy and his numbers wouldn’t have been close to other resistance trained athletes.

Safe to say he was not squatting 900 pounds.

The second part of body building is that steroids and other performance enhancers are everywhere. Most people were not clean and you can find many a juicehead at local gyms these days.