An Insanely Quick Meal, A Workout Finisher, and Improving Shoulder Function

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This is the first Monday that I have not had to work in the afternoon since I have been in grad school.

It was a great feeling even though I had to work Sunday morning.

Anyway random intro leads to really short random thoughts post.

1.     Do you have 3 eggs and pasta sauce?

For breakfast, yesterday, I was scrounging around for something to eat. I looked into the fridge and saw some homemade pasta sauce that wasn’t going to be good much longer.

The solution: eggs in purgatory.

Why is it so easy? You start by warming up the sauce in a pan, make three spots to crack the eggs, cover until the eggs whites are set.

It doesn’t get easier or quicker than that.

I always have eggs in the fridge and they can get pretty boring really quick. I am usually trying to spice things up in simple ways.

This is an easy recipe when I have leftover sauce that will not last forever.

2.     A kettlebell metabolic finisher

The end of the workout is a good time to do a short all out effort. This helps for those that are working to burn a lot of calories from their workouts.

I prefer short, intense circuits as opposed to long distance cardio. It gets you better results in much less time.

Try this circuit to get some metabolic work in at the end of your normal workout.

12 Kettlebell (KB) swings

12 KB Goblet Squats

12 KB Deadlifts

12 KB OH Presses

Repeat 2-3 times with minimal rest.

This is a simple way to increase your fat loss efforts.

3.     What is going on with your squat patterns?

I have been watching a lot of Kelly Starrett’s Youtube videos lately, and they are awesome.

It is almost unreal how effective his mobility exercises are. I have also been implementing them right away.

2 related techniques he uses to get better results involve the hip and the shoulder (similar type joints).

He does it through many different exercises but he often focuses on getting the femur/humerus back into good alignment.

The idea is to drive the bone back into the joint so that it centers, as opposed to creeping forward.

The simplest fix for shoulder pain that I have used with a few clients can be done with almost no materials.

Lie on the ground with your shoulder blades flat. Then pick up and hold something heavy straight in the air. Keep your good alignment and hold for 2-3 minutes.

Holding the crap out of a bag of rice

Get both arms and you will instantly have better range of motion in the arms due to better alignment.

Give these ideas a shot and see what happens. Also, if you liked this random post follow me on twitter. Click below