Your Guide to Surviving the Holidays

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Its that time of the year again. The week of indulgence from Christmas to New Year’s.

Right after January 1st is when people typically make their resolutions to eat better and go to the gym.

Just because the New Year is a time for a fresh start does not mean that you can’t get a head start this week.

Here are the rules for getting to the new year on the right foot.

1. Enjoy yourself

It is the holidays. It is time to celebrate and have fun with friends and family.

Do not be a hermit during holiday parties and dinners. It is just one day or one meal and you will be fine.

No one wants to hang out with the guy that is trying to eat healthy during Christmas because I doubt that it is possible.

The key to the holidays is to unwind and surround yourself with good people.

2. Plan around bad eating.

Christmas day is about eating a lot of food and New Year’s is a big drinking day.

Accept that you are going to celebrate these events and plan to be healthier around those days.

If you eat later in the day on Christmas, eat as light and good as you can earlier in the day. Eating a whole bunch of desserts on New Year’s Day is not advisable from all of the extra beer calories coming in that night.

Just because it is the holiday season does not mean that you have to pig out at all times.

Eat plenty of vegetables, fruit, and lean protein when you are at home. Save the added sugars, alcohol, over eating for domination of the dinner table.

3. Stay hydrated

This is really more of a guideline for you to not hate your life after big meals.

You are going to be taking in a lot of salt and sugar. Staying hydrated will help you clear the crap out of your body to prevent feeling like death.

When celebrating with food and drinks continuing to drink water is necessary for regulating body processes.

Shoot for 10-12 cups of water per day. This might seem like a lot but that is what it is going to take.

4. Workout when you can

Any time you can sneak a workout in is going to be advantageous. It does not need to be a perfect day or part of a program, but getting active is essential.

Sweating helps get sodium out of the body and it is usually a way for people to feel better post-gorging,

Continuing to get moving during this week plus will also make the transition of going back to the gym a little bit easier.

One workout is not going to erase a day of having fun (just like a day of eating bad is not going to make you gain 5 pounds) but it will help you for starting back up in January.

Focus on using the big muscle groups and training heavy. Squats, deadlifts, lunges, pull ups, pushups, and bench presses should be the cornerstone of your workouts.

You know the workouts that have really got you working. It might be a good time to go back to them.

5. Get out of the house

How much easier is it to eat a bunch of crap when it is staring at you? If you aren’t at home, its much easier not to eat that leftover pie.

What you want to do is your choice, but sitting around watching the useless bowl games on TV will probably have you wondering where all of the cookies went.

The last few days of the year is not the time to try to be a perfect eater. It is not realistic. Instead, you can try to minimize the damage.

Do not over indulge when you do not have to. if there is nothing to celebrate, don’t. Save the booze and great tasting food for when you are with the family and friends.

Continue to workout, stay hydrated, and eat as many vegetables as possible when you can so that 2014 can start on the right foot.