Fast Food Should Have a Squat Requirement

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In February, the Winter Olympics will be held in Russia. So despite the fact that I will be all jacked up to watch hockey, a push for healthier lifestyles is going to emerge.

A subway station in Russia has already started the trend, using squats as a payment system. For those that perform 30 bodyweight squats, they get to ride the subway for free!

I read this and immediately thought that it was great since I already believe that everybody should squat. I will also mention that the picture in the article is a borderline picture perfect parallel squat.

I also got thinking about how else we can incorporate bodyweight squats for people to get what they want.

Why not use squats as a “cover charge” for fast food? In order to get in line you have to do 30 bodyweight squats. If not, looks like you are out of luck.

With the obesity epidemic in this country, it would not hurt to have people performing physical activity before they gorge themselves on burgers made with 17.896% beef.

It may also even curb the amount of people that are eating the food. Chances are most people do not want to do squats before they get a bucket of KFC. I think it would be a deterrent.

30 bodyweight squats is not an easy task for the general population. When everyone is taken into consideration, I would say at least a third of the country would be unable to perform the task.

There are too many people out there that cannot even squat their own body weight. Now they would have to do it 30 times.

It needs to be noted that obese and overweight people are pushing 200-300 pounds. Not everyone can just squat 300 for 30 reps.

I understand that I am being cynical with all of this but I strongly feel that most people would benefit from less fast food. You cannot go anywhere without seeing a plethora of fast food places.

It also seems like every other commercial is promoting some kind of chain fast food “restaurant.” I do not know where anyone gets the courage to call these places restaurants but that is beside the point.

Obviously fast food contributes greatly to the health concerns throughout the entire country. It is too easy for people to get their high calorie and low nutrient bombs, called lunch or dinner. Let’s lower the barrier to entry to these places and get people squatting.

What if an idea like this promotes more people to get moving? They want to eat their fast food but cannot squat, so they get in shape for it. After a while, wouldn’t it be great if they took up a healthier lifestyle?

Let’s create a prerequisite to eat fast food in the hopes of deterring its consumption. The Olympics are right around the corner and Russia has started healthy trends. We can follow suit and even one up them.

What else should people have to do squats in order to get?