Creating Clarity in Fitness

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One of our old interns was in the building today because he is on winter break.

It is good to catch up with him because he is in the collegiate sector. The different perspective is always good to hear.

Recently he did a certification that was very outside of the box. He was in the office releasing tension in all types of crazy places- jawlines, base of the skull, and rib cage.

The method behind the training was that poor tissue quality can lead to improper muscle recruitment, strength deficits, and stability losses.

I found it to be really interesting and will consider taking the class if it comes up this way.

I also see a problem with this type of training. It is especially relevant this time of year.

It is resolution season so a lot of people are trying to get back in shape or do it for the first time. The complexity of the industry can make it almost impossible to figure out the right path.

People want to lose weight, improve strength, and just get in better shape. How they get there is almost irrelevant but they are left to make the decision that they do not know enough about.

When it comes to success with fitness we need to follow some principles that have nothing to do with actual training.


Pick something and go with it. If you want to join planet fitness, go down there. If you think you need a personal trainer, then go that route.

A buddy of mine texted me about getting back in the pool and maybe getting a set of dumbbells. I think that’s a good place for him to start.

Had he texted me talking about putting a home gym in then I probably would’ve steered him in a simpler direction.

Do not try to go for the most complicated option when you are just trying to get organized.

Addressing the Real Issue

A major piece of advice that I gave that same friend was that he needs to also address his eating if he is going to work on these things.

It is easy to lose motivation if you are not seeing results with training. In order to see proper results, we have to address the actual issue.

Most people gain weight because they don’t eat well. They try to counteract this by going to the gym. Until they address the eating, progress is going to be difficult.


Whatever path you choose, commit to it. Give it 6-12 months. I know that seems like a long time but things worth accomplishing, take a long time.

Program hopping and giving up are good ways to not make progress.

If you want to make actual change you need to give it proper time.

It doesn’t have to be a daunting task to make progress in the fitness industry. I would try to stay away from Google because you are going to see a lot of different opinions on the same topic. Squat, don’t squat, only do single leg work, single leg work doesn’t do anything, etc.

Simplify, commit, and address the real problem to make success.