5 More Exercises to Drive the Golf Ball Further

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I wrote a post back in 2014 about exercises to hit the ball further. Click here to read it.

It is always funny to look back at some of my old posts to see if/where I stand on the things I said back then. A lot can change in a short amount of time and I have definitely felt that.

Luckily, I still agree with what I wrote then.

The whole premise behind hitting the ball far is strength. If you have strength then you can develop power. If you have power you can turn it into club head speed. Club head speed makes ball go far.

If the ball is going far but out of control, go see a golf pro.

In the last article I went heavy on strength exercises. Since that has already been established, I can add in some other stuff.

5 more exercises to help you hit the ball further are below.

BB Glute Bridge

The barbell glute bridge is becoming one of my favorite exercises for golfers.

It is very friendly on the back. Golfers dealing with back pain can often do glute bridges pain free since the spine isn’t loaded. This takes the stress off of the back and into the muscles. The glutes are still the powerhouse of the swing so they need to be trained.

Glute bridges can also be safely and aggressively loaded. The range of motion is small and core stability is not a limiting factor so we can get really heavy with them.

A lot of golf programs are missing loading and the glute bridge might be the safest, most effective way to get it.

Farmer Carry

Another exercise that allows us to get a lot of loading without a lot of spinal loading is the farmer carry. Simply grab two heavy weights and walk.

This exercise is great for core activation and strength. The heavy loading while walking also provides benefits to bone, tendons, and ligaments.

If you are looking to improve your game now while also extending your ability to play, start carrying.

Side Lying T Spine Rotation

We have a mobility drill. Golfers have to be able to rotate their bodies to have a good swing. This rotation should come from the hips and the upper back.

The side lying rotation helps improve that thoracic mobility.

A golfer that lacks mobility will experience certain things. One could be a lack of range of motion. They simply cannot get to the spots in the swing that they want to get to.

They could also force the range of motion through another joint. Limited mobility in the T spine but a full backswing most likely means that the mobility is coming from the low back. The low back is supposed to be stable and when it gets too much motion, it becomes problematic.

Heavy Lunges

I think lunges are the best way for golfers to improve their lower body stability. Instead of working on balance drills, we can use lunges to get the same benefit.

But I don’t want to see lunges with 5lb dumbbells. Use appropriate weight and work hard at them. Golfers that are strong in lunge patterns typically won’t have issues with balance and stability.

Thread the Needle

…and now we have a core exercise. I like thread the needle because it is an anti lateral flexion movement.

Lateral flexion occurs when we bend side to side. This is a good way to hit the ball like crap and cause some serious back pain.

Resistance to side bending then becomes essential for performance and injury prevention.

Another benefit is that lateral core stability can help improve hip range of motion. Loose hips and a stable core are a good recipe for tearing the cover off of the golf ball.